Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Au revoir!

Darlings, we have a little announcement to make: 
We're off to start our own personal blogs!
We shall be sister blogs, always sharing the little adventures we are constantly having with each other. 
It's very exciting to have something fresh and new and personal to start from and we can hardly wait to get posting. 
So, we hope that you'll follow us and enjoy the classy things we post.
Forever yours, 

Copper & Whim

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The lakeside dotted with colours of red, white, and blue.

Our 4th of July weekend was completely lovely. We had the most wonderful of times with family and friends out on the boat all day swimming and sun-bathing, enjoying breathtaking sunsets, the fireworks, the delicious food and sweet ice cream, and one another's lovely company. 
The days were long wearing your swimsuit the whole livelong day, taking spontaneous canoe rides, and swimming for hours on end in the blissful water and the nights were late lingering round the fire by the lakeshore with sparklers. 

Happy Summer to all of you, dears! It is complete bliss, is it not?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Off for a holiday!

Darlings, we're off for several days for a seaside holiday! We'll be back with pictures and lovely little snippets stories. 
We hope your Summer has been as sweet as ours and will continue to taste sweeter! We've been having the most perfect Summer having spontaneous, lovely, little adventures that we enjoy so very much. 

So, cheers for now, darlings! We hope your weekend is completely wonderful. 
And, before we close, Deathly Hallows was beyond perfect and all we hoped for and more. The tears streamed down our cheeks and the goosebumps were there throughout. 
"You have your mother's eyes."
We'll tell you all about our brilliant night at the midnight screening when we get home!