Friday, March 25, 2011

Welcome, dear scrumptious Spring! ♥

Spring has officially arrived and brought with it sunny skies, marshmallow clouds, and beautiful breezes. The days have been spent taking leisurely walks outside, watercolour painting, and for me (Rachel) on the warmest days reading my new and beautiful Beatrix Potter's Art book outside beneath the trees. The air and the way the sun sits is completely and utterly like Spring--I simply adore it! I love Spring and the freshness it brings, a time to make clean starts. 
As for me, I have lots of plans for my bedroom to freshen it up and make it more airy to welcome Spring and Summer. I plan to hang breezy silk white curtain panels on my window, buy some panes to give my windows a French look, get new white sheets and pretty pale flowered pillowcases and pillows for my bed, and buy a luxurious white canopy net for my bed which I've dreamt of doing since I was young.
We've spent our weekends together swinging on Erika's beautiful swing hanging from an old maple tree, sipping smoothies and eating salads while laying on a blanket on the soft grass, and reading lovely books. I've been so passionate about embracing Spring and everything that's celebrated about it! Especially embracing the pink, which is currently my favourite colour. 
I plan to fetch some whipping cream, beat it until it forms soft peaks, and plop a few fresh strawberries in it for an afternoon treat. Erika and I plan to have a picnic outside soon (and hope to have them all throughout Spring and Summer) and I am planning to set up a whole huge beautiful table with tablecloths and fresh flowers and china. We are  planning to make a beautiful cake and dainty snacks! Reading my mum's beautiful new Victoria magazine filled to the brim with Spring inspirations has very much ignited all of these ideas in me!
And also with Spring's arrival comes the need to update your wardrobe. Erika and I have yet to take immediate action but come April we will have to. Because you see we both literally have nothing in our Spring and Summer wardrobe because we've grown out of things both fit and style-wise. We first plan to go to Salvation Army to score some finds such as shorts, breezy button downs and belts and then we plan to head off to H&M and Forever 21 to get some more unique and must-have pieces. I did score a great piece at a consignment shop though. My mum and I went out after I'd been swooning over J.Crew's new Spring catalogue and what do I find for $7?!? Chino shorts from Gap just like J.Crew's! I'm so excited to wear them this Summer. 
April 1st is just around the corner and we're so excited! Spring has come so swiftly and it's just simply wonderful, and with Spring's coming our excitement for Summer has arrived because it also is just around the corner. We cannot even express our love for Summer--it is pure bliss! 
Well, I'm off! I hope your days have been as magical as mine and Erika's. Erika, my sister, and I are all having a sleepover tonight and are going to see the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid tomorrow! What have you been doing to celebrate and welcome Spring's beautiful arrival? 
Before I leave, I must mention the arrival of the newest Deathly Hallows: Part 2 clip! It came on Thursday night airing on ABC Family and after watching it, getting major chills, and speed demon heart rates, I called Erika and we expressed our excitement to each other! We simply adore Harry Potter. Part 1 comes out on DVD April 15th and we plan to watch it together! ♥
You can watch the clip: here. AH! It's amazing♥ 112 DAYS! We can't believe it's coming so quickly!

Happy Spring, my lovelies! Hope your weekend is magical and filled with special memories! 

xxx -Erika&Rachel xxx
{written by Rachel}

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cosy corners and sweet sundaes♥

Late March has arrived and spring has come with it.  I have been driving with windows down, listening to Discovery and Vampire Weekend.♥♥  Ah, this wonderful weather has made me ten times happier than usual and it has just been absolutely wonderful!  I have been quite busy this past week, hence the lack of a post, but it had been a fun busy full of cherished memories!  I am on Spring Break now and I can see that it is going to be grand and it will be a good week to enjoy the beautiful weather!  (Rachel has some posts with lovely Spring photos to come this week.) 
Several weekends ago Rachel and I got together at my house on a gloomy, rainy saturday and spent a lovely calm day together.  It was raining, but that made it so much better because we were all cosy inside.  We watercoloured nearly all day and talked of art, fashion, and travel.  How perfectly magical would it be to travel to Egypt and ride camels through the curious desert, or take a gondola ride through a river in Venice? 
We had a small lunch of tasty smoothies and delicious salads.  Not to boast or anything, but Rachel and I have quite the knack for smoothies!  Our salads were prepared in bright coloured yellow and turquoise bowls and garnished with raspberry vinigrette, walnuts, cranberries, and sprinkled with cheese.
Our creativity and inspiration came in a steady flow, as our paintbrushes swept across the page and filled it with colour.  As we listened to the beautiful Age of Adz by Sufjan Stevens we were inspired by the orchestra and sound of his calming voice.
The evening came to an end, but not before a trip to our dear Grandma's cosy cottage. 
We made spring cards around our Grandma's classic oak table and planned a grand sleepover to be held over Spring Break.  We sat on Grandma's comfy blue couch and watched old 70's Nancy Drew episodes just like old times.  As it snowed outside we were snug in her warm, glowing house eating delicious sundaes.  We admired the splendor of her cosy house and thought of how wonderful her lake cottage would be come summer.  
~ ~ ♥ ~ ~      
Hope your weekend is beautiful and you enjoy the wonderful weather to its fullest (Rachel and I are planning to have a photo shoot).  Perhaps have a picnic outside or take a walk through the park.  I will be enjoying my Spring Break to its fullest and hope to have lovely times that will be cherished.  
Erika and Rachel Xx
(written by Erika)  

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards

A week ago were the 83rd Annual Academy Awards...also known as: the Oscars! We watched them sitting all cosy in Erika's living room and admiring the glamour of the evening in Los Angeles and commenting on beautiful dresses the actress's wore, good movies (some that we still want to see!), and fantastic actors and actresses of the year.
Favourite dress of the evening: the adorable Hailee Steinfeld. Both of us are currently in love with the style of dress with the tank top sleeves made of sheer silk, and the fabric coming up to the bust, making a very feminine fifties looking dress--preferrably in pink!
Loved how the amazing Christian Bale, with his brilliant talking voice and acting skills, won for best supporting actor and gave the most adorable speech, getting a bit teary-eyed towards the end. 
Thought the theatre that held the Oscars was completely gorgeous. We love the glamour and classiness of Oscars night! We both would love to get into acting and have always fancied the thought of red carpets, dressed in glamorous designer dresses you've taken months to choose, and awards shows...but especially the Oscars! 
And we certainly agreed that James Franco and Anne Hathaway did an adorable job hosting the show! Anne was so cute and excited, it made us laugh. 
Loved looking at old photos from the 1954 Oscars when Audrey Hepburn won best actress! She was just way too adorable and sweet. Both of us talked about how we love how classy the Oscars have stayed and for how long they've been happening! It's just so brilliant. 
We quite enjoyed viewing the glamorous evening, eating popcorn, making delicious smoothies (we both can make a pretty grand one!), munching on M&M's, and wishing Deathly Hallows had been nominated for more awards-hopefully more for part 2!
And lastly, if any of you were lucky enough to view this hilarious video that played at Oscars of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Toy Story 3, Social Network, and Twilight auto-tuned. So brilliant! The Harry Potter one is the best...because it was so shocking and so awesome that they did it to Harry Potter and the Twilight one is so funny! 
Ah, Deathly Hallows♥ How brilliant and amazing you are! We can't wait to watch it once it comes out on DVD April 15th. We're planning to have a sleepover and watch it and perhaps a couple other Potter films. Ah! We can't handle how much we love Harry Potter, they're so brilliant. 131 days until part 2! We know it will blow our minds just like part 1. We are hoping and wishing that we'll be able to go to the premiere in New York City for part 2. 

Hope you enjoyed the Oscars as much as us and had a generally lovely night. What award were you most excited about? Which actress did you think looked loveliest? 

Another post to come this week, dears!