Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer flies by oh too fast...

My darlings, Summer is practically over and I hate to think it. Though I adore Fall (as I do all the seasons) I hate to see this Summer be gone...it's been so perfect! I would say it has been the best Summer yet, but Erika and I agree we always say that to which I reply, "it must mean our lives are just getting better!" 
So much has happened this Summer, though nothing terribly big...just lovely simple things. I've grown so close with many people, Erika and her family included, which may seem shocking to think of us getting any closer, but we did! And, as you know I've found out the magical news of my going to the Harry Potter theme park in October...which will be bliss when I go, I assure you. 
The weather was perfect all this year. I don't even know how to put into words everything that has happened this Summer! But it most definitely has all been brilliant. I've been outside almost all day long reading, painting, taking pictures, which is just what I had planned to do before Summer came along so I feel quite happy. 
Besides simple occasions that were lovely-two excellent films came out this Summer: Toy Story 3 and Inception. Both drastically different but both very brilliant. Toy Story 3 was all that I, and even everyone, had hoped for. I've grown up on all Pixars-but most especially the Toy Stories. I remember watching them at my grandma's wonderfully cosy lake house with Erika and her brother, Ian and my brother and sister Aaron and Hannah. It just always brings back such memories. And all of us going to see it (along with some close friends) at midnight was just so surreal and wonderful. And Inception, oh Inception how I LOVE YOU!!!!! Christopher Nolan is a genius. It is an incredible film. The cinematography, the music (gives me chills), the acting, the costume design, everything is impeccable. 
Summer is truly a magical season and, though it is still not completely over, I look forward to its coming again next year! I hope all of you were just as blessed by God with a wonderful Summer as Erika and I were. Enjoy this gorgeous weather--take a walk, draw, paint, read--whatever tickles your fancy! :)

With lots of love,

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Marion Cotillard love

Darlings! I wanted to share with you my love for Marion Cotillard, if you have never seen or heard of her now is your chance. I must confess I've only seen her in Inception (which is incredible...but more on that in another post, I promise!) in which she plays Mal Cobb, and Big Fish where she has a small part. And then, the other day I decided to look her up and was successful in finding some gorgeous photos. 
She is so elegant and her face practically perfect. 
She has such a unique face, which is a trait I love in a woman. And another trait is: a very defined jaw. I know that may sound odd but a defined jaws looks oh so elegant, graceful, and stunning.
I think one of the reasons for her elegance and beauty that I love is she's French. I am sure her beautiful looks have something to do with the French blood in her, and her voice is absolutely splendid because of the strong French accent. The French definitely define elegance. One of my lifelong dreams is to go to Paris, and before I go I hope to learn French and be able to speak it fluently.
I love her short French hair, beautiful, round green eyes, plump lips, and elegant squared jaw. She just looks French! I love it. 
Ah, is she not perfect?! I am so inspired by her right now.
Another trait I love in a woman that adds to her elegance is the collar bone. Yet again, this may sound odd but I think it is so true! Do you agree?
600full-marion-cotillard_large (1)
I just love this picture of her. The fog, the bare trees, the British looking houses in the background, the ducks, her outfit, everything! I love the adorable striped turtle-neck underneath the tank-top sweater.
I hope you've enjoyed this post! I've enjoyed putting it together. 

Before I go I wanted to share this video that Erika and I are absolutely in LOVE with right now: 
We just love it. They both pretty much melt our hearts. I love Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is absolutely adorable! I shall share a few favourite parts of mine and Erika's: 
2:06-2:12 on the time is so precious. And, oh my goodness I adore 2:21-2:40-AH! Precious, right?! And then of course when they're in that office on the desks is brilliant. We also love, and this is our very favourite part in the whole video, at 3 minutes when Zooey elegantly dances into the screen and Joseph strides in, ah! the best. :) 

Anyways, how are you lovelies doing? Have a fabulous week! Guess what?! 63 days until I go to the Harry Potter theme park!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Butterfly Nets and Jars of Magic!

Hello, my darlings!
I've missed you all. Sorry for mine and Erika's lack of blogging lately but last Sunday until Thursday we were on a seaside holiday. Pictures to come soon we promise!

Well, Summer is zooming by at high speed. Erika's starting school tomorrow and I, being homeschooled, don't start until after Labor Day, which is exciting on my part but it shall be sad not having Erika over to stay during the week. 

So, two weeks ago this Saturday my brother's band played a house show here at my family's home. And, during one of the bands my sister Hannah (who was singing) announced that I should come to the front of the crowd and, told everyone how they all knew how much of a Harry Potter fan I am and then proceeded to say that on October 25th we are flying down to Orlando, Florida and on the 26th we are going for the day to: 
AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I pretty much got really teary-eyed when Hannah said announced it. :) I love my sister to pieces, it is amazing that she is taking me down there and paying for everything. I am so excited! 70 DAYS! You guys just wait until I get back to see the epic pictures.

So yes, that's my fabulous news. What's been happening with all you lovelies that's been making your life magical? 

Oh, and I was on Dilly Dallas's fabulous blog that I love and saw an awesome video that The Girls With Glasses featured her one. I am in love with these girls videos, I hope you enjoy them as well...they're my new favourite. :) 

Have a brilliant week, darlings!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

A walk in the woods

a walk in the woods
a walk in the woods
a walk in the woods
a walk in the woods
a walk in the woods
a walk in the woods
a walk in the woods
a walk in the woods
a walk in the woods
a walk in the woods
a walk in the woods
a walk in the woods
a walk in the woods
a walk in the woods
a walk in the woods
a walk in the woods
a walk in the woods
The woods, a place where your imagination can take flight.  Oh, the adventures you can have if you only let yourself be a child once again.  Where shall your imagination take you?  What fantastic things will you see?  Only you can decide.  Just make sure to bring your compass along so that you never get lost in your imagination.  

Hello!  Here is a photo shoot post that I have promised you.  Sorry that it took so long, but Rachel and I have been on a bit of a seaside adventure.  Hope you are all doing well.  More posts to come soon.
Best wishes,
Erika X