Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fifty little days until amazingness

Throughout the years of this worldwide phenomenon we've seen these wonderful characters grow. The movies have had several different directors-all bringing their own flair and interpretation of the books. Every one of them has done an excellent job doing justice J.K. Rowling's amazing books. 
All of the actors and actress's do such an amazing job-they're all practically perfect for their roles, are so believable, and make you just love them. We love all the directors-but most especially David Yates (who directs the 5th, 6th, and 7th). He's brought this wonderful boarding school feel to Hogwarts, and films beautifully.
The trio has done an impeccable job as Harry, Ron, and Hermione. In the first two they start out as these adorable little kids and have continually happily surprised, if you will, us with their excellent acting--able to be emotional, intense, and hilarious at times. They are all just brilliant. 
The films are all amazing-and our very favourites. They portray the books so well and are brilliant!  We love everything about them-the acting (superb), cinematography (beautiful-but more so in the later films), the costumes (again, in the later ones-that more boarding school feel), and of course the soundtracks-it gets you every time. 
So, as the countdown grows smaller (!!!), and today is fifty days until Deathly Hallows pt. 1, we feel oh so excited. The official trailer came out exactly one week ago and blew our minds--this film is going to be amazing--epicness of mind blowing proportion!
We CANNOT wait to see what masterpiece David Yates creates with this film and we're confident it will be excellent.  It will be so intense and amazing and emotional and just completely epic! 
We are oh so excited for everything about this film-Malfoy Manor, Godric's Hollow, The Ministry of Magic whole epic part, the wedding-AH!!! We just cannot wait!!
-Erika and Rachel 

P.S. Furthermore, this means that you have exactly 50 days to read all seven books and watch all six movies if you haven't done so yet.  

Friday, September 24, 2010

Oh the joys of Autumn!

Hello my darlings! Autumn thus far has been wonderful. I've been taking pictures all the time! I cannot wait for the leaves to begin changing, Erika and I shall have the best photo shoots. 
All the weekends pretty much have been spent with Erika. And, last weekend short notice her and Emma came over and we watched Diary of a Wimpy kid! 
Oh my goodness! The movie was brilliant. So, we start the movie and are thinking we're going to be the only ones watching it because my family would think we were dumb for watching such a movie and leave us all by ourselves--but no! they all stayed and watched! It was brilliant. And the movie was SO hilarious. We knew going into it that it would be funny and brilliant but it far exceeded our expectations. And we felt pretty legit since we'd read a couple of the books. 
I've completely got into the swing of starting school. In case some of you didn't know, I'm homeschooled--and oh goodness how wonderful it is. I get done at about half-past three (and lately have been starting at like eleven-ha!) and then immediately go outside and take a walk in the woods, read on the porch, etc. :) So yes, it's wonderful! 
Tuesday night I watched The Borrowers with Hannah. So, you all know how much of fans Erika and I are of Harry Potter and Tom Felton (who plays Draco Malfoy) is in the Borrowers--but oh my goodness! It's a little nine-year-old Tom Felton who melts mine and Erika's hearts all over the floor. 
"Squished, might get squished...not much of an option is there!"

Ummm yes!!! Tell me your heart didn't melt all over the floor. Erika had watched it last weekend and had told me how unbelievably adorable he was and I was like, "Oh of course!" But then I watched it and was like, "Oh, Erika was right...I cannot even handle it!" But yes, the movie was adorable--so British and little kiddish but so cute. 
Erika and I have plans to go thrifting next weekend for new Autumn clothes so that shall be so much fun. We're planning on spending the whole Saturday morning/afternoon at some thrift shops not far from our house. Hopefully we'll have some good finds! It will be our first of the season, so that's exciting. 
I've been doing so much reading on my front porch lately--Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to be precise. Oh, and I'm working on the Mitford series--have any of you ever heard or read those? They are so adorable and idyllic, I love them. 
The fields have become golden, the air has become chillier, and the wind has been blowing. Oh how I love this season! The best days of this season are when they're cool and windy. Bliss! Especially while I'm walking in the woods.
So, my dears I shall draw this little post to a close. But I shall finish with some super exciting news. The Deathly Hallows pt. 1 trailer was released! Aaaaaah! It came out Wednesday night at 9:00, I watched the trailer (getting chills, my heart beating in excitement), had my mind blown, then of course called Erika. We talked for an hour and a half about our excitement for themovie, what we thought of the trailer (we thought it was amazing of course!) and what particular parts we were most looking forward to.
Yes, the movie looks amazing. But, I won't go into great detail right now because Erika and I have a post coming next week about it. You can watch the trailer here. This trailer is epicness of mind-blowing proportion, to quote my friend. :) If that's how good the trailer is--imagine the movie! Ah!

Well, darlings, sorry for rambling about the trailer! Hope you've enjoyed this little post in celebration of Autumn--have a wonderful weekend! What are your plans?

Lots of love,
Rachel ♥

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hello dearies

Hello dearies, I hope you are having a lovely week!  I have a couple  of things that I would like to share with you.  Enjoy!              
I really want to make a swing to hang under my big maple tree.  I love my big maple tree so much.  I spent many of my summer afternoons laying under it reading and I think it is high time for a swing to reside underneath it.  My dad said that he will help me with it, but now we just need to get a move on.  My goal is to have a swing hanging under the maple tree before October begins.  I think it will be a lovely place for pictures and I have always wanted to jump off a swing into a pile of leaves!    

I love this adorable mug cosy from this lovely etsy shop. I think I shall have to make some of these.  They seem perfect for fall and winter.  Not only will they keep your tea warm they will keep your hands from getting burnt by the mug. Wonderful idea in my opinion! 

Also, if you are a Harry Potter fan here is some exciting news.  Tomorrow (Wednesday) night at nine there will be an official trailer for part 1 of Deathly Hallows released!  Rachel and I are so very excited for this of course, since you all know how big of Harry Potter fans we are, and I thought some of you might be interested as well.  To watch it go to Mugglenet tomorrow (Wednesday) night at nine! 

Have a lovely day,
Erika X  

Friday, September 17, 2010

Autumn has arrived!

108 004
It was Friday the 3rd of September. My last official day of Summer break. I made myself a delicious fruit smoothie, grabbed dear old Harry Potter, and enjoyed a late, leisurely breakfast.
108 006
108 012
I was happy to see the day looked promising--a sky as blue as a robin's egg, a lovely breeze, and pretty cool temperatures, just as I like it. 
108 017
I was so excited for the cool Autumn weather that I took a while picking my outfit for the day. I felt I needed to do the sudden wonderful Autumn weather justice! 
108 028
108 027
108 036
It was, in my opinion, perfect outside! Autumn is so absolutely wonderful, wouldn't you say?
108 050
The lunch hour came round and I had oatmeal and toast on the screen porch. I enjoyed some P.G. Wodehouse whilst eating my delicious, Fall-like meal.
108 057
Mum and I went to pick up Erika spur-of-the-moment at about half-past five. As we were driving clouds were covering the sun. Eventually it became overcast and quite windy--which is weather both Erika and I adore. We had a laid-back supper of burritos while listening to Dirty Projectors. 
108 064
The sun was setting fast so after supper I charged my camera, Erika and I took a little while picking our outfits (it was, after all, our first ever Autumn photo shoot to post on the blog!), and we headed outside. 
108 070
It was beautiful, overcast, and windy. Perfect weather for an Autumn photo shoot. 
108 073
We enjoyed ourselves quite a lot! Both of us saying how excited we were that Autumn was here and stating the things we loved best about it. 
108 072
108 087
It grew steadily darker and soon we thought it time to head back to my house. 
108 092
We spent the rest of the evening talking and laughing, looking at our favourite blogs, and everything nice to do on an Fall Friday night. :) There is something so wonderful about Autumn evenings!
new colours
We finished with mugs of hot chocolate (the first of the season!) which we took out to the front porch. We covered with a blanket sitting on the swing and talked of many things--how wonderfully the Summer went, what we would do this Autumn, and our plans for Halloween. :) Later that night we stayed up until 3 AM and towards the end of the late night watched our favourite clips from the Anne of Green Gables movies-hahahaha! :) 

I am absolutely in love with this, this, and this song right now by Vampire Weekend. Erika and I totally adore Vampire Weekend--I would definitely go as far as to say that they are our favourite band. And their songs from Contra give us both such memories of this wonderful Summer...we listened to it all the time when we were together!

Hope you're all doing absolutely brilliant! What are you most excited for this Fall?

Cheers to Autumn!
-Rachel X

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fall fashion

Although Autumn doesn't star until the 23rd of September, contrary to what the calenders say Autumn has definitely begun.  I am very excited for this fall season because the fashion is gorgeous!  
Fashion fall 26

I love all the colours.  The mustard yellow, navy blue, coral pink, brown, and plum purple are just lovely!  I am very fond of the shorts in the above left picture and I am considering getting them because they are only ten dollars!   

Fashion fall 27
Fashion fall 8
Aside from loving the picture, this outfit is amazing!  Again with the lovely colours and the tights are particularly great.  I also love berets, I think hats in general add so many aspects to an outfit.  
Fashion fall 24
Fashion fall 10
I am just loving fall fashion.  It's so warm and cosy.  Anthroplogie has presented fall so well in their newest issue.  I got it in the mail and was blown away!  I couldn't wait for fall to start.     

Fashion fall 25
The top pair of shoes is my favourite.  There is just this great vintage style to them.  
Fashion fall 7
Sorry for the major lack of posts lately.  I have been so busy with school and such.  Rachel and I hope to be posting more often quite soon!  Have a wonderful weekend my loves!

Much Love,
Erika X