Friday, September 24, 2010

Oh the joys of Autumn!

Hello my darlings! Autumn thus far has been wonderful. I've been taking pictures all the time! I cannot wait for the leaves to begin changing, Erika and I shall have the best photo shoots. 
All the weekends pretty much have been spent with Erika. And, last weekend short notice her and Emma came over and we watched Diary of a Wimpy kid! 
Oh my goodness! The movie was brilliant. So, we start the movie and are thinking we're going to be the only ones watching it because my family would think we were dumb for watching such a movie and leave us all by ourselves--but no! they all stayed and watched! It was brilliant. And the movie was SO hilarious. We knew going into it that it would be funny and brilliant but it far exceeded our expectations. And we felt pretty legit since we'd read a couple of the books. 
I've completely got into the swing of starting school. In case some of you didn't know, I'm homeschooled--and oh goodness how wonderful it is. I get done at about half-past three (and lately have been starting at like eleven-ha!) and then immediately go outside and take a walk in the woods, read on the porch, etc. :) So yes, it's wonderful! 
Tuesday night I watched The Borrowers with Hannah. So, you all know how much of fans Erika and I are of Harry Potter and Tom Felton (who plays Draco Malfoy) is in the Borrowers--but oh my goodness! It's a little nine-year-old Tom Felton who melts mine and Erika's hearts all over the floor. 
"Squished, might get squished...not much of an option is there!"

Ummm yes!!! Tell me your heart didn't melt all over the floor. Erika had watched it last weekend and had told me how unbelievably adorable he was and I was like, "Oh of course!" But then I watched it and was like, "Oh, Erika was right...I cannot even handle it!" But yes, the movie was adorable--so British and little kiddish but so cute. 
Erika and I have plans to go thrifting next weekend for new Autumn clothes so that shall be so much fun. We're planning on spending the whole Saturday morning/afternoon at some thrift shops not far from our house. Hopefully we'll have some good finds! It will be our first of the season, so that's exciting. 
I've been doing so much reading on my front porch lately--Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to be precise. Oh, and I'm working on the Mitford series--have any of you ever heard or read those? They are so adorable and idyllic, I love them. 
The fields have become golden, the air has become chillier, and the wind has been blowing. Oh how I love this season! The best days of this season are when they're cool and windy. Bliss! Especially while I'm walking in the woods.
So, my dears I shall draw this little post to a close. But I shall finish with some super exciting news. The Deathly Hallows pt. 1 trailer was released! Aaaaaah! It came out Wednesday night at 9:00, I watched the trailer (getting chills, my heart beating in excitement), had my mind blown, then of course called Erika. We talked for an hour and a half about our excitement for themovie, what we thought of the trailer (we thought it was amazing of course!) and what particular parts we were most looking forward to.
Yes, the movie looks amazing. But, I won't go into great detail right now because Erika and I have a post coming next week about it. You can watch the trailer here. This trailer is epicness of mind-blowing proportion, to quote my friend. :) If that's how good the trailer is--imagine the movie! Ah!

Well, darlings, sorry for rambling about the trailer! Hope you've enjoyed this little post in celebration of Autumn--have a wonderful weekend! What are your plans?

Lots of love,
Rachel ♥


  1. Can't wait for the movie! So excited!

    ps if you click on the pictures in my Lazy Sunday Links post it'll take you straight to the websites I'm talking about :)

  2. the pictures you post are always so darling. :)

  3. What a beautiful post. Reading it made me feel as if I was walking through a day or two in your life, and it was the most wonderful, magical day. I want to watch the movies and go thrifting and be homeschooled and walk through the fields and woods (I live in a city, and I can walk to the ocean, but no fields, and the leaves dont change colors in that magical way here in California).

  4. what great photos!!!!

    PS - come visit my first GIVE-AWAY - $45 worth of fabulous! - don't be shy - pass it along! :o)

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  5. Ah, so lovely! I was traveling this weekend and realized that the leaves have started to change here... it was magical!!! I love Autumn, too!

  6. I am want to see that movie:) Thank you darling for such a lovely comment:) Made my day:)
    Hope you are having a great day:)

    Ps: I am hosting a great GIVEAWAY today :) Hope you will join in :)!!!


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