Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fifty little days until amazingness

Throughout the years of this worldwide phenomenon we've seen these wonderful characters grow. The movies have had several different directors-all bringing their own flair and interpretation of the books. Every one of them has done an excellent job doing justice J.K. Rowling's amazing books. 
All of the actors and actress's do such an amazing job-they're all practically perfect for their roles, are so believable, and make you just love them. We love all the directors-but most especially David Yates (who directs the 5th, 6th, and 7th). He's brought this wonderful boarding school feel to Hogwarts, and films beautifully.
The trio has done an impeccable job as Harry, Ron, and Hermione. In the first two they start out as these adorable little kids and have continually happily surprised, if you will, us with their excellent acting--able to be emotional, intense, and hilarious at times. They are all just brilliant. 
The films are all amazing-and our very favourites. They portray the books so well and are brilliant!  We love everything about them-the acting (superb), cinematography (beautiful-but more so in the later films), the costumes (again, in the later ones-that more boarding school feel), and of course the soundtracks-it gets you every time. 
So, as the countdown grows smaller (!!!), and today is fifty days until Deathly Hallows pt. 1, we feel oh so excited. The official trailer came out exactly one week ago and blew our minds--this film is going to be amazing--epicness of mind blowing proportion!
We CANNOT wait to see what masterpiece David Yates creates with this film and we're confident it will be excellent.  It will be so intense and amazing and emotional and just completely epic! 
We are oh so excited for everything about this film-Malfoy Manor, Godric's Hollow, The Ministry of Magic whole epic part, the wedding-AH!!! We just cannot wait!!
-Erika and Rachel 

P.S. Furthermore, this means that you have exactly 50 days to read all seven books and watch all six movies if you haven't done so yet.  


  1. OMG...that is so exciting...Yay! I cant wait:) Hugs and kisses,sweetie pie

  2. Hehehe, that's not enough time to read all those books and watch all those movies!

  3. Ah, I love HP!! I can't wait until this movie comes out!

  4. the picture of all the harry look-alikes is hilarious :)


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