Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fall fashion

Although Autumn doesn't star until the 23rd of September, contrary to what the calenders say Autumn has definitely begun.  I am very excited for this fall season because the fashion is gorgeous!  
Fashion fall 26

I love all the colours.  The mustard yellow, navy blue, coral pink, brown, and plum purple are just lovely!  I am very fond of the shorts in the above left picture and I am considering getting them because they are only ten dollars!   

Fashion fall 27
Fashion fall 8
Aside from loving the picture, this outfit is amazing!  Again with the lovely colours and the tights are particularly great.  I also love berets, I think hats in general add so many aspects to an outfit.  
Fashion fall 24
Fashion fall 10
I am just loving fall fashion.  It's so warm and cosy.  Anthroplogie has presented fall so well in their newest issue.  I got it in the mail and was blown away!  I couldn't wait for fall to start.     

Fashion fall 25
The top pair of shoes is my favourite.  There is just this great vintage style to them.  
Fashion fall 7
Sorry for the major lack of posts lately.  I have been so busy with school and such.  Rachel and I hope to be posting more often quite soon!  Have a wonderful weekend my loves!

Much Love,
Erika X 


  1. hey! thanks for the comment, and I am majoring in Public Relations with a business minor. Glad to hear you enjoy fall as well, and I love all the outfits you posted!

  2. Wonderful post! Fall fashion is such a favorite of mine...the hats, cute boots, and cozy sweaters!

  3. Loving all these styles, especially those shoes! We're heading into spring here, but it's always pretty cold, so lots of clothes and layers are a must!

  4. I adore those shoes...I love this post:)...I am so ready to wear cardis and scarves:)
    Hugs and kisses,sweetie
    Hope you are having a great MOnday

  5. I'm SO excited for Autumn too! Such beautiful things around, can't wait for pay day! x

  6. love these pics and thanks for sharing x

  7. I love those shoes! I cant wait to buy some of the cute knitwear thats in the shops! :)

  8. Ps: I am hosting a sweet jewelry GIVEAWAY today :) Hope you will join in!!!


  9. you and rachel should check this out :


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