Friday, September 17, 2010

Autumn has arrived!

108 004
It was Friday the 3rd of September. My last official day of Summer break. I made myself a delicious fruit smoothie, grabbed dear old Harry Potter, and enjoyed a late, leisurely breakfast.
108 006
108 012
I was happy to see the day looked promising--a sky as blue as a robin's egg, a lovely breeze, and pretty cool temperatures, just as I like it. 
108 017
I was so excited for the cool Autumn weather that I took a while picking my outfit for the day. I felt I needed to do the sudden wonderful Autumn weather justice! 
108 028
108 027
108 036
It was, in my opinion, perfect outside! Autumn is so absolutely wonderful, wouldn't you say?
108 050
The lunch hour came round and I had oatmeal and toast on the screen porch. I enjoyed some P.G. Wodehouse whilst eating my delicious, Fall-like meal.
108 057
Mum and I went to pick up Erika spur-of-the-moment at about half-past five. As we were driving clouds were covering the sun. Eventually it became overcast and quite windy--which is weather both Erika and I adore. We had a laid-back supper of burritos while listening to Dirty Projectors. 
108 064
The sun was setting fast so after supper I charged my camera, Erika and I took a little while picking our outfits (it was, after all, our first ever Autumn photo shoot to post on the blog!), and we headed outside. 
108 070
It was beautiful, overcast, and windy. Perfect weather for an Autumn photo shoot. 
108 073
We enjoyed ourselves quite a lot! Both of us saying how excited we were that Autumn was here and stating the things we loved best about it. 
108 072
108 087
It grew steadily darker and soon we thought it time to head back to my house. 
108 092
We spent the rest of the evening talking and laughing, looking at our favourite blogs, and everything nice to do on an Fall Friday night. :) There is something so wonderful about Autumn evenings!
new colours
We finished with mugs of hot chocolate (the first of the season!) which we took out to the front porch. We covered with a blanket sitting on the swing and talked of many things--how wonderfully the Summer went, what we would do this Autumn, and our plans for Halloween. :) Later that night we stayed up until 3 AM and towards the end of the late night watched our favourite clips from the Anne of Green Gables movies-hahahaha! :) 

I am absolutely in love with this, this, and this song right now by Vampire Weekend. Erika and I totally adore Vampire Weekend--I would definitely go as far as to say that they are our favourite band. And their songs from Contra give us both such memories of this wonderful Summer...we listened to it all the time when we were together!

Hope you're all doing absolutely brilliant! What are you most excited for this Fall?

Cheers to Autumn!
-Rachel X


  1. What amazing photos, and what a lovely way to begin autumn, I'm very jealous indeed!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. chocolate sounds great and I adore those autumn photos....You both are so sweet
    Kisses and have a relaxing and full of fun weekend,sweetie

  3. What a wonderful way to enter the fall season! Beautiful photos as always!
    I'm most excited about the holidays that will soon be coming up. I love to decorate. I also like the chillier weather, but not too cold!
    Have a lovely day dears!

  4. Oh that sounds like an absolutely lovely day! I really want some hot chocolate now, haha. And HP5 is my favourite - I've re-read it approximately a hundred times. Give or take a few.

    Btw, your outfits are very cute! (:

    Xx Kim

  5. your tenth, twelfth and fourteenth pictures are the best, there really great.

  6. you guys are the cutest! i think you would get along splendidly with my hannah.

    what i love most about fall is the changing leaves--on the trees and on the ground--puffy clouds, apples, acorns, hot cocoa!!, tea time becomes more cozy, and wooly tights and boots! or there is more, but i think you are understanding me quite well :) xo.

  7. i love your blog. it's very cute. :)

  8. i love the pictures dear, so adorable! I suddenly have the urge to read HP now, must pull out book no.7 again before the movie is released!! xxx

  9. Rachel, your beginning of autumn looks amazing... and warm! So much better than our beginning of spring. It started hailing yesterday :) Hot chocolate at the end of the day, though, what's better? Hope you have a lovely week!

  10. I'm most excited about the weather. I love cool weather.

  11. Hey there sweeeet stuff! omg these photos are so beautiful. you are so lucky to have such wide open space. i'd lay around ALL DAY! :) is that your friend's house? it looks so cute inside.

    mmm I'm craving hot chocolate now!


  12. Sounds wonderful, and I love your outfits.


  13. what gorgeous photos yet again! your days look like scenes out of movies...hope you are enjoying the beginnings of fall!


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