Sunday, April 25, 2010

Such, such a perfect day.

These are pictures I took the other day. In some Hannah is included, some are just of me, and some are just of beautiful nature.

I must tell you something...I absolutely, positively, ADORE my family's property. It is so breathtaking. We have our cosy cottage in a little alcove against a woods with lush green grass and fields surrounding us. We have a path that I call The Greenway that goes along the woods with a field beside it. There is a pretty little lane that is our driveway that is lined with perfect trees. I love when it rains because it leaves adorable little puddles behind in the hollowed parts of the driveway. I best stop now because I could go on describing the beauty of my house and property all day long.

Well, it was a beautiful sunny day, it was perfectly warm with a breeze. So, after I was finished with my school Hannah and I went outside and took pictures, and I continued taking pictures until the late evening.

I love this field. And my dog! :)

These trees are so gorgeous, with beautiful branches.
Wow, a picture with both people in the air! And our dog looking awesome.

Hannah had to get ready to leave so I took pictures by myself, which is still quite enjoyable.
Haha, I love this picture of my dog, with his hair billowing in the wind.
The view from our windowseat.

                           -Just around the corner, there's a rainbow in the sky.
Reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, my favourite book and film series. :)

Truly beautiful.
I love taking pictures. :)

My natural tripod was this stump.

So far this year, when I go to this gorgeous clearing, butterflies always fly away from under the leaves. But that day they flew all around me with their wings fluttering, it was such a beautiful feeling to have butterflies flying around you. I wanted to try and capture their flight in a picture but there are some things one just cannot capture in a still photograph.

Ta-ta, loves! 
-Rachel <3


  1. What a beautiful day and such lovely photography! I love living in the country as well although it looks a bit busier where we are (unfortunately).

    I love photos of paths down country lanes. It makes me wish I could jump in the photo and follow where they lead!

  2. Thank you very much! :) I love living in the country as well, it's so nice.

    I completely agree, those are always some of my favourite photos.

    -Rachel <3

  3. Heeey, is the title you used for this post from Strawberry Swing?? (Coldplay, of course)
    Looove the pictures, especially the one of your shadow. So cute!

  4. gorgeous photos. looks like a lovely day :)

    xo Alison

  5. Yes, it is from Strawberry Swing. :) Love that song.

    Thanks so much guys!! :)

    -Rachel <3


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