Tuesday, June 15, 2010

memorial day adventures!

So, as all of you know, I love Emma Watson! She's just so classy and adorable. The only thing she's been in besides Harry Potter is a voice in Tale of Despereaux and, Ballet Shoes. Well, I love her in the Potter films (they're my favourite) and decided to check out Ballet Shoes. So I put it on our Netfilix queue (Netflix is my favourite ever!) and this past Saturday night my sister Hannah and I were home alone with nothing to do, and what do we get in the mail? Ballet Shoes from Netflix! I was so excited and couldn't wait to watch it later that night. I absolutely loved it...it was so adorable and just brilliant. I would highly recommend it. So yes, I was not disappointed in Emma Watson's other film. :)

Anyways, sorry in our lack of posting lately but I was behind in putting pictures on the computer. But, over Memorial Day weekend Erika and I had a brilliant time together! On the Friday before Memorial Day it was Erika's last day of school so I went to her house and we painted that landscape we told you about a couple posts ago. 
With canvas, paint, and easel in tow we went out to the huge beautiful field behind Erika's house. Emma (far right) came along and sketched.
Isn't it a beautiful field?
We decided that we would watch the sunrise in the morning, this was the night before but Erika wore yellow pajamas and I wore blue...we said we were a banana and a blueberry!
We woke up at 6AM, with only four hours of sleep on us but we grabbed some blankets and headed out to the field. It was so calm and still, and there was a beautiful fog overlaying everything.
I love the effect the sunlight had on my camera lens, it looked so warm and glowing.
Later that afternoon Erika and I finished our painting in her yard. It was so much fun! We do love to paint. :) 
OK, so for some reason Blogpsot is being lame and when I added the picture on here it was rotated wrong, but if you tilt your head you'll see the finish product! :) What do you think? Also, I (Rachel) did one side and Erika did the other...which side do you think each of us did?
Later in the afternoon Hannah came to pick me up, and since my brother's band had a show later that night that Erika was going to come to anyway she just came home with us and it was her first time ever to drive with Hannah! 
Then Sunday came around and all of the family and cousins and aunts and uncles went to my grandma's house on the lake for the annual Memorial Day get-together. My family got there Sunday night and the sunset was fabulous PLUS the neighbour's had their sailboat parked on my grandma's shore so it made for great picture taking with Erika, Emma, and our other cousin, Emily. :) 

Emily and I with the wonderful sailboat! It felt so good to be at grandma's lake for the first time this Summer. 
Cute cousin Zeke, Erika's little brother, oblivious to my taking his picture, which is always the best with little kids because then they look their natural cute selves.
Photo credit goes to Emily for this one!
We all wanted to keep the sailboat for our very own, but sadly it belonged to the neighbour.
And Emily was a fabulous cousin and got in the water to take this super cool photo!
The neighbour's set off some brilliant fireworks later in the evening. Oh how I love wonderful Summer at my grandma's lake. Later that night we had a campfire and had s'mores...it was excellent to be back in the swing of lake adventures!

Hope you all are doing swell and that you had a great weekend! Also, we've been doing some redesigning on our blog and got a new background, do you all like it?

Enjoy this warm Summer weather! I'm off to my grandma's lake tomorrow to kick off the first tubing and swimming of the season. 

With love,
Rachel <3 


  1. You always have the most wonderful photography! I like the painting too! Good job. Looks like your weekend was really fun! :]

  2. Lovely painting! The sky is my favorite part. :) I've never been good at painting...I tried a few times, but failed miserably. So, kudos on a job well done! ^_^

    Gorgeous pics too! Looks like you had a great Memorial Day weekend! ^_^

    Oh, and I LOVED Ballet Shoes!!! Such a charming movie! And you're right....Emma Watson is amazing in it! I also love her in the Harry Potter movies. They casted those movies so well, because every actor totally personifies the character to the point where the books and the movie look like the same thing in your mind. :) So wonderful!

    Have a lovely day!

  3. I love this post!


  4. Thanks for the comment! I stopped by to see your blog and I love it! I am also an Emma Waston fan the Harry Potter movies and books are fantastic. We have so much in common, I am following you btw :)
    -Amanda Corrine


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