Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it's getting!"

A girl in a blue frock clueless to life beyond what she has.  She starts to wonder and begins to get curious, but hasn’t her mother told her that curiosity killed the cat.  She wishes for another world where everything is topsy-turvy, a place where down is up and up is down, a place where things are not as they seem.  A place, a place, a wonderland perhaps.  Yes! A wonderland, a place of wonder, but where to find this whimsical land she questioned.  We will not tell her where to find it, oh no we will not for we know of the wonderland, we know of the secrets hidden within, we know.  If only behind-schedule-rabbits would not ruin this secret, if only the respectable rabbit passing through the garden right now would have paid more mind to being sneaky, but alas, he did not, and so the adventure begins!  Alice, unbeknownst to her is not in a place of enjoyment, but a place of befuddlement and confusion and madness.  She meets a cat, a quite mad cat.  This Cheshire cat helped her as much as it could, but of course, it was mad, so therefore it did not help very much. The cat lead Alice to a tea party, but something is not quite right.  Why is it they never drink the tea, and why is it they keep asking that infuriating question “Why is a raven like a writing desk?”  Soon she learns of the madness about, of the queen of hearts and the knave too.  She then learns of the trouble ahead and she realizes the trouble that has already begun.  She wants to go home, she wants to get out, but how does she do that there is no door around here.  She meets a few more people that she does not agree with.  Some funny twins, a caterpillar, and some talking flowers just to name a few.  There are no friends to her here.  Oh!  What should she do?   Before she knew it, she was playing croquet and all of a sudden, her life was at stake.  “Off with your head!” was all she could hear as she ran as fast as her feet would take her.  Then the sound changed and she heard birds tweeting, wind rustling, and normal sorts like that.  She opened her eyes and to her surprise, she was back!  She was safe and sane....or so she thought.  Little does Alice know, although she will soon find out in her other wonderland adventures, all people are mad.  Because of course mad people are the best.               



  1. I love the pop up book! Great post (:
    By the way I know how much you guys like Emma Waston, I posted some pics of her modeling in my newest post go check it out!

  2. how cute are you!
    <3 Cara
    PS. Come check out the fabulous giveaway on my blog!

  3. aww...this is beautiful.


  4. Cute! I love Alice in Wonderland. As a matter of fact, the new Tim Burton one is playing downstairs right now! My 2 year old brother loves it. ^_^ Cute pics! You and Rachel look like you have lots of fun together! ^_^


  5. Oh. My. Goodness. Soooo beautiful!!

  6. Hi Erika - thank you for entering the Lilac and Grey's Studio Eriksdotter giveaway and for your kind words! So sweet!


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