Monday, June 28, 2010

Two beautiful finds and other extraordinary things

  I found this beauty at an antique store a few miles away from my home. 
Thanks to my little sister Emma for taking this picture=]
It was eight dollars.  Which for me is a little pricey, but who could resist!  The lady that owned the antique store said she bought it at an estate sale.....she thinks that it is a memento from Paris.  How lucky for me to get it!
Another beauty that I recently came upon, is this:   
Well, actually my grandma found it by her house and gave it to me.  It is such a pretty nest.  I love the eggs inside and the moss strewn throughout the nest that is carefully knit together.  The way birds make nests is a simply stunning creation of God's!  Another lucky find for me!
Here are some other extraordinary and summery things.
 I love Queen Anne's lace.  It is one of those things that I always look forward to during summer.
 I found this butterfly the other day.  It was so kind to let me take a couple of pictures of it before it flew away.
 I took some photos in the cornfield today.  It was such a gorgeous day out!! The sun was so bright and there was a beautiful breeze.
 I love these summer shirts!  You can find them here at this beautiful etsy shop.  Although they are expensive, so me having a low salary (none at all=]) I think I shall try and make some.  We will see how that works out....
 Now for the grand finale!!!  Me and Rachel LOVE Harry Potter and some of you may know that the 7th Harry Potter movie part 1 is coming out in November!  Well mugglenet has just released a trailer for both part 1 and part 2.  If you LOVE Harry Potter like us please go check it out here and if you are not a Haryy Potter fan go check it out anyway because it is amazing.  All I can say about that is is just epic!  I can't wait. 
Have a wonderful Day!!!



  1. oh, I love finding new things. I like this post. It's beautiful. Your findings are lovely.
    Have a wonderful day!


  2. Hullo Rachel, here is a link to a different HP 7 trailer I saw:


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  4. That clock is a lovely find indeed! I too share your love of Harry Potter and I am so excited to see the movie in November. Thanks for the link to the trailer!

  5. Ha my little sister's name is Emma too! But I can by no means post her pictures ;)
    love that shirts too

  6. i love that clock! what a great find

    ps i watched that trailer, I'M SO EXCITED!!!
    they had it last night as a preview and everyone was screaming and clapping

  7. Oh my, I LOOOOOOVE the clock thing, whatever you call it. So awesome. :D

  8. Such a great finds... love that clock=)

  9. i love the nest + the butterfly... wonderful post :)

    xo Alison

  10. That is a very nice clock. Is it also a candlestick? It was well worth 8 dollars.


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