Friday, October 8, 2010

Autumn Pumpkins

Isn't this the cutest little child you have ever seen?  Maybe it is just because he is my little brother, but I think he is absolutely adorable, he's just such a pumpkin!
I took pictures of him (by the way his name is Jonas) a couple of days ago and I thought "why have I never taken pictures of him before?" It turns out he is rather photogenic......of course in my opinion there is really no way that he couldn't look precious.  
Jonas isn't a big hat person, but I managed to snap a shot of him.  
He is always so curious about everything and it gets him into quite a lot of trouble.  If we don't see him around  it's time to go find him because who knows what trouble he is getting himself into.  
It has been gorgeous out for the past couple of weeks.  The breeze has been lovely, and just everything around looks so pretty with all the leaves changing colour.    
I have been spending a lot of time outside reading, painting and enjoying the wonderful weather.
I hope you wonderful readers have been enjoying the weather as much as I have.  

Have a brilliant day,
Erika X


  1. Ohh he is such a cutie...I didnt know that you have a little brother...Ohh he is so sweet! Glad your posted a few photos of him:)
    Have a great weekend,sweetie

  2. OMG His little curious face made me laugh out loud! I just love a sweet little surprised look! Love your background by the way, very unique. Nice to have stumbled upon ya!

  3. Oh, he is beautiful!
    His eyes are magical.
    I'm having a great weekend. Thanks. :)



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