Friday, December 31, 2010

[And New Year's came at rapid speed]

new year's eve! a wonderfully glamorous and fun holiday. i would love to write a huge long post talking of all the wonderful things that happened personally with us, and also with the world. but, i don't have the time as of right now because i must get dressed and done-up for our party at my house tonight! 
 i love the fact that everyone, everywhere will be partying tonight! we've got a playlist ready to dance until all hours to, friends coming over, and of course delicious hors d'oeuvres. so much has happened this year that i am so thankful for! God definitely, as He always does, poured blessing upon blessing on us this year. in retrospect, this year was incredible. we enjoyed the most blissful summer we'd ever been apart of-full of amazing memories and christopher nolan's inception! and don't even get me (rachel) started on this past autumn, not only did we share wonderful memories together and enjoy gorgeous weather but i actually went to hogwarts!
it was complete and utter bliss at the wizarding world of harry potter, words can't even describe how happy it makes me. 
and then winter came, and we've enjoyed it so far! Christmas was lovely and we can't wait to share pictures and also pictures from tonight. 
and, of course, you cannot forget our long and highly anticipated release of the first part of the end of an era, worldwide phenomenon, and our love, harry potter and the deathly hallows. it was absolutely mind-blowingly incredible. we adored it. we shall have pictures up at the start of the year from the harry potter theme park and the midnight showing of deathly hallows. :) 
so, here's to you my loves, for being so amazing and always leaving the sweetest comments that truly keep this blog going! we hope your night is glamorous, fun, and brings you good cheer♥ 

erika has arrived and we're off to get ready for the party!

Happiest of New Year's wishes to you, darlings! ♥ How was your year?



  1. Happy New Year!!! I hope the party was fun, the first picture here is so pretty! Do you guys have a resolution? or are you against them? I never did resolutions but this year I will at least try!

  2. Happy new year, love!
    I love these pictures. I hope this year brings more glories than you girls expect.
    Rachel,and Erika!!!! Stay beautiful!!


  3. Happy new year!! These images are lovely. It was so much fun knowing that everyone was celebrating, I know what you mean. You feel such a sense of community that you don't really feel any other day. Hope you had/are having an amazing party!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. What a beautiful and hopefulled post!
    I hope that both of you have a magical 2011, full of beautiful dreams and awesome realities. :)

  5. This is beautiful. Have a wonderful start of the year!

    The House of Isla

  6. Wow, without even going into detail it really sounds like an AMAZING year! Happy new year...hope it's even better than the last!


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