Sunday, February 27, 2011

and what a night it was♥

So here we are, as promised, sharing with you the photos and memories from Rachel's sister Hannah's 18th birthday party which happened last Friday! It was such a brilliant evening. A friend made the heavenly cake with a mousse-like frosting and chocolate curls, and the lovely decourating of the house was done by Rachel and her mum.
So many kids came, about 40 or so in all, and it was so tight in the house and so loud with talking and laughter! After playing a wild group game called Midnight Madness we cut the cake. 
It was so tight in the kitchen and dining room you could hardly move! It was so much fun. We had delicious snacks and the fantastic homemade Chex Mix that's so delicious! Some of these pictures may make you reminisce of our New Year's Eve party post, which was an absolutely amazing party and basically the same people came to that as well. 
The cake was distributed among the guests along with some delicious ice cream and goodness was it heavenly! The cake was so moist and perfectly chocolate, the icing like a heavenly mousse, and the chocolate curls just literally melting in your mouth!
We could not resist taking a picture of all the shoes! They were in such a jambled pile and there was so many of them! Parties at Rachel's house are just the best, we always have the best time with all the kids that come. 
We had to get everyone to rally round for a group picture, which was quite a loud and hilarious event, it was hard to get everyone looking good but in the end a couple good ones came out!
You can spot Rachel in the bottom left hand corner with the pink top and blonde hair and as for Erika she is up one and over one to the right with the dark hair and bangs.
And then came the dancing! And golly what a grand time it was. All of our close friends are so much fun and we all know how to have a brilliant time. 
[Note us right in the top right hand corner]
And I will admit we're pretty hilarious and cool dancers too! 
It was so much fun! We listened to some Passion Pit and just generally groovy stuff! Aaron, Rachel's brother, made a great playlist for his iTouch. 
[Again, note us in the top right hand corner {Erika, dark hair and bangs, and Rachel long blonde hair} both laughing at Rachel's quite humorous brother and friend!]
Rachel's mum was kind enough to take some photos-which is greatly appreciated! Because without them, we wouldn't have such lovely mementos from the grand and fun party.
The night was just generally brilliant and we love to see how wonderful of friends we've got. 
The whole night through we hung out with each other and had such a grand time talking with each other brilliant friends, laughing, and dancing!
We can't wait to host another party! Hopefully we can do one soon. We plan to do a few with this great bunch of our friends come this Spring and Summer. 

We're off to watch the sophisticated and glamorous Oscars at Erika's house! So excited. The Oscars are such fun. We would love to become an actor and work so hard in a film and be able to attend the lovely and fantastic Oscars, taking so much time to pick our glamorous dresses to wear. 
The Red Carpet's airing right now! Everyone looks gorgeous. We're going to make smoothies and popcorn and sit back and enjoy the evening. 

Happy Sunday, dearest loves!


  1. Wow, the party looks like so much fun!!! Happy birthday to Hannah! So happy to see she had a fabulous party!
    The cake looks darling as well!


  2. What fun! The party looks like a great success, and the cake is just gorgeous.
    Sorry for getting back to you so late, but for cake recommendations, I would say Dorie Greenspan's Perfect Party Cake -
    Its really nice because you can change the flavor very easily, by changing the flavor of jam layer, and the meringue buttercream frosting is delicious.

  3. That cake really does look heavenly!

  4. Looks like a lot of fun! Happy birthday to Hannah!
    I hope you guys enjoyed watching the Oscars. I have been so out of this world, I barely watch T.V.

    Thank you for the wonderful comment. My days have been stressful, but I try to make the best of them, and God has been seeing me through :)
    The weather here is beautiful. It's spring!!!! I can't wait for the flowers to bloom. I hope you are enjoying the nice weather.
    I wish you a wonderful weekend.



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