Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"In December, drinking horchata."

Hello, my lovelies. I hope your weekend was wonderful! Erika and I had a lovely one. On Saturday I (Rachel) spent the night at Erika's house and we ate fruit roll-ups, salads, and talked until two in the morning about all things brilliant! It was such fun. We love being cousins!
Yesterday was Valentine's Day and it was quite lovely. 
 I know Erika was passing out Valentine's at her school to some people in her class and as for me, when my sister got home from work at Starbucks she brought back some beautiful flowers for our mum and a wonderful bag of Dove dark chocolate squares for me--heavenly! So that was sweet♥ 
And the evening was spent hanging out with my family and my brother's girlfriend, sharing my chocolates, and watching Lost (we are currently watching it for the first time. Oh my lands, it is fantastic!). 
I've lately found so many beautiful and inspirational photos and places online. I think it's because late at night, especially weekends, you're online, looking at your favourite blogs, and then poof! You've found a lovely website or photo. I find most pictures from We Heart It (Erika and I could be on there for hours...and somehow though we start out looking up something like 'pastry' we end up looking at 'harry potter'...♥), and also lately I have been finding them on Tumblr blogs that I follow. 
Speaking of Tumblr, Erika and I have been wanting to officially share with you our own personal Tumblr's. Though they have been on here for a while (see sidebar) we wanted to officially announce it. We use them to post lovely photos we find (which happens ALL the time) instead of spamming up this more dainty, if you will, blog with four posts a day posting a picture. 
So, here they are:
Erika's personal Tumblr-
And my (Rachel) personal Tumblr-
We do hope you enjoy! They are such fun to have. :)
And also, I've found a few lovely little links that I would love to share with you all. I got my first J. Crew catalogue in the mail at the beginning of the month (can't wait to get more!) and just got another one, The Hollywood Issue (which is amazing!) and discovered this beautiful gown. I would absolutely use it as my wedding dress! I love the taffeta and the gorgeous and unique ruffles at the bodice. Someday I'll have to plan my own wedding I hope and I can't wait. I just love looking at wedding gowns and especially wedding blogs! 
Currently I am absolutely loving the Etsy shop, Clever Nettle. I just love some of the stuff she has there! Especially this Autumn skirtthis Weasley-ish sweater, and this adorable skirt perfect for Spring or Summer!
Erika and I are loving this Butterfly globe (we love globes and telescopes and maps!), I am loving this seventeen-year-old amazing photographer Mike Bailey Gates, this brilliant photostream on Flickr, and, of course, like everyone else, the Mulberry Alexa. Also, Mulberry's Spring/Summer campaign is gorgeous! Be sure to watch the show videos and the party video.
This Friday is my sister's 18th birthday and we're hosting a big party. About twenty to thirty kids are coming and it's going to be super fun. Erika and I are really excited and can't wait to take pictures throughout the night, and if they're any good we'll share them with you all! We are sure that we'll be dancing the night away. :) 
This little collage is to share with you a few photos I took yesterday. Aren't the flowers just lovely? Oh and the chocolate was so yummy! And the day was beautiful! It was just a generally lovely Valentine's Day♥ What did you all do for this sweet holiday? 
And now, before I close I must say something very, very exciting to Erika and I which is that, as of today, it is 150 days until Deathly Hallows part 2 is released!! AH! 
We are oh so excited and can't believe it's coming so fast. Harry Potter is the best♥ We've both talked, several times, about how sad it's going to be when that movie ends--because then it's all over! But we know and trust the amazing filmmakers that it is going to be an incredibly amazing and wonderful end to this amazing, and best ever, film series! We were so excited that Harry Potter won the BAFTA of Outstanding Contribution to Cinema. :) This video made us smile. We love them all! 
I'm off to work on a watercolour painting and finish a letter to my dear great aunt who has cancer. Please be praying for her! 

Have a lovely week, darlings. Thanks so much for the wonderful comments on our last post!

[Written by Rachel]


  1. sounds like you had a great weekend !!

    stop by sometime<3

  2. Happy early bday to your sister! I know you will have a blast, take a lot of photos. Sending my best to your aunt... be strong! ♥

  3. love this post. love your photos!!!

  4. Thank you so much for visiting my bloggy blog! Yours is adorable! See ya around ladies!

    xo - julie

  5. I love this post! A beautiful selection of photographs! x www.lostinthehaze.com


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