Friday, April 22, 2011

When I hear that wind and I think of spring...

Hello darlings,  I hope you have all been having wonderful weeks of spring flowers and beautiful sunshine!  The weather has been so inspirational, even though it has been rainy, and I have been doing some spring cleaning and decorating.  What have you lovelies done lately in honour of spring? I have been loving the breezy feel of rooms full with flowers and sheer curtains.  Soon I am going to be painting my room a beautiful light yellow colour and I am so excited because I have been awaiting this day for ages.
Aren't those cats simply precious?  I should be getting a cat for outdoors soon and it makes me so happy.  I have never been a huge cat lover, but after seeing beautiful pictures of them, such as the one above, I have been aching to have one.  Oh, and look at that precious house!  Imagine living in a cute cottage like that, and having a wonderful secret garden in the back with daffodils and june lilies encompassing it!  Ah, I simply adore flowers and I cannot not wait until my daffodils begin popping up!

Spring has also gotten me into the baking mood.  I want to have a huge lovely picnic for my birthday, in May, and bake all sorts of goodies and make lemonade. Brie with pear preserves on fresh baked bread, chocolate cake topped with raspberry whipped cream, and a wonderful fruit salad.  Have any of you baked something lovely lately?  Easter is coming very soon and I hope to dye some eggs like this featured in the April issue of country living.  Aren't they darling?    

Speaking of Easter, I have purchased a beautiful twenty dollar dress from H&M and Rachel has purchased a gorgeous thirty dollar dress from Banana Republic.  We are both very excited to wear them to church as well as our grandma's house afterwards.  The fashion styles this spring have been breathtaking and I have been loving every minute of them!  The light pinks and creams, the silk and sheer, they are all so lovely!  Are any of you doing something special for the wonderful easter holiday?

If I was a boy at sea I would be swinging from a broken tree...
Here are a couple of pictures from a trip to lake Michigan a couple of weeks ago that I thought I would share with you.  It was terribly windy that day and a bit cold by the lake, but it was still lovely to go to the seaside.
I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend celebrating our wonderful Saviour who died for our sins and then was raised from the dead! 
(written by Erika)
p.s. here is the song that inspired this post, enjoy! 


  1. Happy Easter Erica & Rachel!
    I so hope you post some photos of your room once it is done! I love yellow- it is such a cheerful and delightful colour! Can't wait to see your new kitty also! I've been hoping for a puppy come graduation :)
    Well loves, I hope you & your family have a very beautiful & blessed holiday!


  2. i want to bake right now! your blog is so beautiful. and so interesting! i use a nikon d3000. how about you??

  3. Your blog is very inspiration for a fellow teenager. Have a splendid Easter!

  4. Lovely Erica and Rachel, the photos at the lake are so beautiful!
    And those cats! Those cats are too cute!
    I wish you both a happy Easter!
    All my love


  5. wow you have a very aesthetically pleasing blog. i love how you crop your images xx


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