Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Otherwise the bowl will remain empty...forever."♥


10 days. TEN DAYS! It shall all end. We will be in the long line to view it at midnight, the amazingly epic WB will come glowing on the screen, our heart will nearly pound out of our chests, and the tears will stream as we view the perfect ending♥
Harry Potter is completely perfect and amazing and wonderful and we shall love it forever and always♥

Cheers, darlings!

And, this video. This video is perfect. It makes us utterly happy and we cry when we watch it♥ It's lovely. 


  1. haha, i love your love for harry potter. but seriously, i'm waiting to watch the seventh movie until next week right before the premiere. so excited so excited.

  2. I am so excited for this too!!! I cannot wait to see it! I too will be among that many when it finally comes out.
    I was crying along with Emma Watson when she delivered her speech at London's HP premiere.
    But it is a fantastic show and will remain in the hearts of many forever!
    Great tribute loves!



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