Saturday, May 29, 2010

~*A lucheon at the bed and breakfast*~

Hip-hip-hooray!  I am finally done with school!  Rachel is at my house right now (she spent the night last night) celebrating my being on summer break!  We are currently collaborating our artistic abilities by painting a landscape together. She is doing one half and I am doing the other.  Pictures to come soon!  We are having lots o' fun doing it.  Hope you enjoy the post=]

Last Saturday we went to a beautiful bed and breakfast for lunch.  It is gorgeous!!!  I love it so much.......It is one of those places that you would love to go and stay for ages.  It is called the Kimmell House Inn.   It's tucked back in the trees and when you drive by it, it peeks through the trees to say hello!

As you walk up the path to the door this adorable rabbit greets you at the gate!  I loved it so much I just could not resist taking a picture=]
The dining room we ate in had a fire place, it is so cosy looking and I love the picture above the mantle.  I know it's hard to see, but if you look closely and squint you just might be able to see the beauty of it!
I love sweet tea!  It is one of the best things to drink during a hot summers day.  I especially like when they put the lemon on the side! 

The food does not only taste good, but it looks so artistic I just had to take pictures of it!

The dessert looked exceptionally delicious and beautiful 

I have a story to tell you. There were once two girls, one was named Phyllis and the other Franny.  Phyllis and Franny were cousins and they lived together in a grand house where their parents held many, many parties.  Phyllis and Franny, not being of the age seventeen yet, were not allowed to come down stairs to the parties.  Little did their parents know, they would sneak down the long cherry wood, spiral staircase.  There they would peek through the staircase spindles and look at all the gorgeous things going on.  They saw beautiful young ladies dancing with handsome young men.  The men would twirl the ladies and their dresses would spin all around was a stunning sight.  All the ladies had flowers in their hair and their dresses were of all colours and styles.  The music playing was positively beautiful!  All the doors and windows were open and a cool summer breeze was blowing through them.  They stretched their necks slightly and looked out the doorway onto the porch.  The moon was gleaming and casting a soft light into the night.  Men and women were out there laughing and having a wonderful time.  Suddenly the clock struck twelve, dinging resounded through the house.  Phyllis and Franny swiftly ran up the staircase and back into their beds.  They dreamed of the day when they would get to join these wonderful parties.

The landscape is beautiful!  I love it so much!

 I think this is gorgeous!  It reminds me of a little hidden secret garden.

After we ate lunch we went to a little shop down the road called Mary's Mess.  O' boy does the name fit the place!  I love it though.  There are so many cool things and I get something nearly every time I go there.
Here is Hannah with an old pipe.  It was so cool we just had to take a picture! 
Me and Rachel got some brilliant badminton rackets!!!  I love them so much....they are so cute and vintage. =]

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial day weekend! We will be spending it at our Grandma's lake.  Yeah!!!  The first official summer get together at our Grandma's lake cottage.  Thank you for all the sweet comments you left on our last post.  We appreciate them all so much! 

Enjoying this great summers day,


  1. Ohmygod, the dessert looks SO GOOD! *drool*
    Love the photo with the fountain. Tres adorable. :)

  2. You all are just too too too cute! I love the photos! :) Much love <3

  3. how fun! i've always wanted to go to a bed and breakfast...


  4. This place looks amazing! I love love love B&Bs!!!!!

  5. Great blog :) Those food pictures are making me hungry!

    Delightful Bitefuls

  6. Lovely pics!!

    All of the places looked like something out of a secret garden :)

    Char x

  7. Thank you for your wonderful comment!

    This post is so cute, I love that stone bunny! And you guys look adorable :)

    Aya ♥

  8. such a sweet post! I hope you are having a nice week!

  9. Beautiful photos ...thank you


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