Thursday, May 27, 2010

A blossoming tree!

So, I know I've been the only one posting as of late but I promise that Erika has a new post coming! She's just been busy with exams for school, but she gets out Friday so then she'll have MUCH more time to post on here. :) Hannah, on the otherhand, now has a blog of her own and I kind of am thinking that she won't be doing this one really anymore. Here's the link to her blog: Adventures in Domestic Cooking, be sure to follow her! 

I have been enjoying this gorgeous and warm weather this past week. It's been wonderful since I'm done with school I sleep in until 10:30, eat breakfast at 11:30 out on our screen porch, and don't get dressed till about noon. Ah, I love Summer! 

I hope you enjoyed these few pictures! Thank you all for the lovely comments on my last post, I was so thankful for them. :) Pictures from the bed and breakfast on Saturday to come sometime this week. Have a wonderful day, stay cool! 

Oh, and did I mention, I really want to get this shirt! What do you lovelies think? The sad thing's 30 dollars including shipping but still...I love it! :) 

Lots of love,
Rachel <3


  1. I absolutely love your happy pictures.
    I love that I get to do anything I want since school is out. I wake up anytime I want!!
    Your blog is amazing. I'll be following!


  2. Cute pics! Which one are you? Oh, and that tree = GORGEOUS! I'm a sucker for trees with flowers on them. <3 :)

    Have a lovely day!

  3. aww this is so cute! you guys are gorgeous - i love the cherry blossom shots! following and have a great weekend


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