Saturday, May 22, 2010

If you want to view paradise...

Earlier today we went to an adorable bed and breakfast for a late birthday lunch for Erika (pictures to come ASAP, I promise!) and Erika and I began talking about our favourite commercials, new and old. Anyways, here I am on the computer at 10:30 PM on Facebook, Mugglenet (an awesome place for us Harry Potter nerds out there in the world), on Google playing...Pacman (go do it!), and then decided to go to YouTube to look up my favourite commercials and....was successful. Anyways, I decided to share them with you lovelies. :)

This Macbook Air commercial was from about two years ago...I love it! Because the song is just so stinking cute. So, commercials used to be lame, but nowadays they are so neat and sometimes even like a work of art! 

Another one from a couple years ago is this adorable Abigail Breslin HP printer commercial, SO CUTE, right? And guess what? Abigail Breslin is the most adorable young actress...and....her birthday is four days before mine and she's even born the same year!

Oh! This one Erika and I really love...I know, I know, it's for how great of coverage AT&T has but we think it's a really neat commercial! 

And lastly, to finish this silly post (hey, I was bored and wanted to share some lovely things!) is another adorable and wonderful A&T commercial, who WOULDN'T love it? It's got Gene Wilder singing from Willy Wonka on it! I adore that song. :)

Well loves. Hope you have a spectacular rest of the weekend. Picture from my day with Erika today to come soon! 

Lots of love,
Rachel <3

*picture credit: Pennyweight. I'm not sure if she took the picture, but I found it on her blog. :) 


  1. Ah! I'm so glad I'm not the only person who loves commercials! =] I love the willy wonka one. I remember when the HP one was playing.
    Loving the blog!

  2. Hello Rachel:)

    thank you for commenting and reading my blog. I had an impression that we have many similarities indeed!

    Looks like you have been enjoying a great, fantastic summer days!

    Keep sharing!:)

  3. abigail breslin = adorable!! and thank you SOOO much for the support... looks like you figured out the links in your sidebar! :) xo

  4. Ok, so I ADORE that last AT&T commercial! Oh my word! Every time it comes on I start singing along and get hugely warm fuzzies. :) You're right....commercials these days are often like works of art. So awesome! Oh, and I love the Amazon Kindle commercial. I'm all about the iPad--I support it to the end, but still...Amazon did a pretty darn incredible job on that commercial.

    Oh, and I love all of the awesome alternative songs that they use on commercials now! It's so much better than all of the stupid "commercial" music they used about 10 years ago. :P

    Perfectly wonderful post.
    Have a glorious Monday! ;)

  5. i completely agree haha
    commercials have sure come a long way!

    my favorites are the polar bear coca cola commercials at christmas time-LOVE :)

    thanks for finding me, i love your blog, you asked how long i've been blogging, it's been about 6 months now!


  6. What great commercials! I sometimes play the old commercials on my lappy to listen to the music, especially the coca cola and nescafe. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

  7. Hi Rachel! Oh yes that Abigail Breslin commercial is love and so dreamy.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Isn't Audrey Hepburn lovely? I'd love to read that biography of her written by her son!

  8. great post! now im going to have that song from the first commercial stuck in my head the rest of the night :)

  9. gorgeous photo - lovely links hehe:)


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