Thursday, May 20, 2010

A reunion with my dear, Erika!

Hello, my lovelies!

Well, yesterday Hannah and I went to Erika's house to help watch her little baby brothers. Soon the kids got back from school and Erika didn't know I had come along with Hannah, so, as she was just about to come in the house I ran upstairs and into her bedroom to surprise her (especially since I hadn't seen her since I'd been home from Florida!) and surprise her I did. She pretty much died laughing when she saw me awkwardly standing in her bedroom. Anyways, it was a fantastic reunion and we immediately began talking away and laughing and brainstorming on new picture ideas and collecting goodies for the photo shoot we were getting ready to do before I left. Let's just say it was a lovely reunion!

           Before Hannah and I left for Erika's house yesterday morning I had Hannah take a few pictures of me. It was a breathtaking day. The birds chirping merrily, fresh puddles in the driveway the rain had left behind in the last couple of days, and how green everything had become since I had been away in Florida! 
It was a GLORIOUS day!
Wouldn't you have to agree?
It was absolutely calming, I love the cool shadows from the trees.
Though, when we first got home from Florida it was rainy and gloomy and I was heart sick for the condo we had rented and the fun we had had back in the Sunshine state, I am truly glad to be back home at our cosy cottage!
You can tell it had been raining because of the cute puddles it left behind.
Another reason for being glad to be home: MY DOG! :) 
Hannah and Jonas (Erika's baby brother) at Erika's house, isn't he precious?!!
Pretty much melts my heart right on the spot.
A bit blurry but I thought it was too adorable of a picture to not put up.
After a few hours, Erika and the rest of her siblings came home from school and Erika and I had a fantastic photo shoot! I love this green lantern of Erika's. That is my next goal of something to buy at the local antique mall.
We absolutely adore that huge tree! And, guess what? It has moss all around it! One of our very favourite things as we have mentioned in previous posts. 
Hannah laying in the luscious grass beneath the warm sun, oh what a lovely day it was!
Then, Erika and I went on an expedition in her shed and, to our amazing luck, found what we were looking for: a wooden ladder!
The tree is....breathtaking and so huge! I adore it. It just goes to show how amazingly wonderful God created this world.
We then kind of sort of laughed really hard because on a log (to replace the tripod I hadn't brought with me to Erika's house) sat both her new camera and mine on timer with Hannah, and Emma, Erika's little sister, onlooking at our picture-taking. 
I really love how happy this one looks. 
I don't know if you can tell, but I am holding that lovely green lantern of Erika's.
And this cute little thing, is Emma, Erika's sweet little sister, and my dear cousin!
Well, hey there, Mr. Sun! I love you very much.
The lovely little ditch in Erika's yard. I love the beautiful Laura Ingall's-looking purple flowers.
And to finish the lovely little sight, the sun was shimmering wonderfully on the water!
We then strung yarn all over a tree in the yard by throwing the ball of yarn from branch to branch (Emma and I took turns) which is QUITE fun, I shall have you know. Then we had a brainstorm and thought it'd be neat to hang things from the branches for pictures. So, we went inside and collected things and here this picture shows Erika and Emma hanging them on the branches. It was jolly fun!
We dubbed it: The Tree Of Many Things (credit goes to Emma).

And so, after these pictures were taken Hannah and I went home. I took a walk in our woods, read outside for a bit, and then Hannah and I plus our brother and his girlfriend went to Dairy Queen. When we came home at about 9:00 PM all of us girls (including, of course, our sweet mum) watched The Young Victoria, which was....EXCELLENT! I loved it so, so, so, so much. It was so sweet and lovely. Anyways, I'm off to bed. Good night, darlings! 


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  1. The young Victoria? I just ordered that from our library! We've wanted to see that forever! I love your photography. It looks so professional. =] Keep up the blogging!


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