Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A week gone, spent laying on the soft beach

Well, here I am. A week gone, spent laying on the beach, grabbing seashells out of their spots in the sand, finally getting some reading done (on the beach!), staying up late with amazing friends and family until all hours of the night, and watching Food Network until you can't keep your eyes open. 

I had, pretty much, the bestest ever week in Florida. We went with six other families and each had our own condo that we spent a week in. It was a superb week that I shall cherish memories from forever. Sadly, Erika couldn't fit in my suitcase or else she would have tagged along. Pictures from Florida to come soon...but for now, while I stare at this glowing screen and type away, I am going to post other pictures of things I'm loving as of late. The only picture credit that actually belongs to me is the first one. :)

                                            Dear sweet Summer, I love you. 
Just another reason why I love Summer--the juicy pies made from fruit freshly picked!
This kitchen just about sums up what I want my kitchen to look like when I have a house of my own.
How lovely of an art is this? You make the cream on someone's tea look breathtaking!
I miss the beautiful ocean. 
Degas had such a talent in painting. 
Emma Watson is so adorable, photogenic, and has such an inspiring sense of style and ingenuity.
Picture via Toast
Such an enchanting picture. Photo credit Marta Bevacqua
Oh.my.goodness! Someone knows how to be creative.
This is what my Summer wardrobe needs to look like. This Summer, if ever I need inspiration or ideas for my outfits I am going to look at this picture! 
I have a whole huge folder of pictures I've saved from blogs and lovely other websites that I could post, but for now, I'll just post these. To finish this little collection here is one of miss Emma again, one from her photo shoot with Teen Vogue magazine. I love the surroundings in the picture! 
Hope you all are doing well, be sure to comment! :) I'm off to have a relaxing rest of the night. Ta-ta my sweet peas!

   Rachel <3


  1. Oh how I love Emma Watson. She is so classy!


  2. Wow....your taste is like mine...quirky, colorful, eccentric, and AMAZING! I LOVE Emma Watson's style. Definitely some really fun stuff there. Well, I haven't been here for long, but I think I already love you. Ha! :D

    Totally enjoyed my visit. Drop by my blog if you get a chance, cuz I think we have a lot in common! :)
    --Abigail @ Rear Window

  3. I adore that kitchen! So bright and colourful :) I adore Degas's paintings of ballerinas. They're so gorgeous!


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