Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oh! The wonderful things of May!

April showers bring May flowers

 Oh!  The wonders and beauty’s of May!  I love May!  It is the end of spring and there is a sure chance that summer is coming quite rapidly!  Here is a list of why May is spectacular in my eyes.
The ten best things of May!
1. It is my Birthday month=] (I know that is slightly selfish, but come on people who doesn't love their birthday?)
2.  I love flowers......and as they say April showers bring May flowers (which really is simply not true because there are also flowers in April!)
3. Summer is coming soon and that means school is out!
4. Almost everyday is a perfect day for reading under the lilac bush (by the way anyone have any reading suggestions?)
5. Vegetables start sprouting up from the garden
6.  It is light when I wake up in the morning and I can here the birds chirping! 
7. Walk outside and you can smell spring and summer mixed up all into one! 
8.  The colours are so vibrant!  
9.  All the leaves are back in their proper place again
10. Wild violets have sprung up all over the place in our yard.......I never want them to leave =]

And that concludes my list!  Along with telling me reading suggestions I would also love to hear your favourite thing about May! 



  1. I love violets! We have some growing behind our house. Keep up the wonderful blogging! =]

  2. Hmm, idk what things I like best about May. I mostly just agree with the things you said. :D
    For a reading suggestion, have you ever read The Hunger Games?? It is AWESOME!! My favorite series (there is a second one, called Catching Fire, and the third comes out in August), except for maybe Inkheart. :) Love your post!!


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