Monday, May 3, 2010

Various pictures taken as of late

Hello, loves!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, mine was very fun filled. Our homeschool prom was on Friday so Hannah and I went to that and had a blast, stayed up until 5 AM at our friends house and had pancakes at 3 AM. Being tired the next day was well worth the fantastic times the night before.

Anyways, to be honest, I am very behind on blogging but for now I'll just post some pictures from various occasions. ;)

       Two Thursday's ago I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, watercoloured, and enjoying the lovely Spring sunshine.
Picked some beautiful wild phlox in our woods. 
Could not resist a classic shadow picture of myself. :)  
Then the weekend came round (this was two weeks ago) and I had Erika and our friend Julianne over for pictures and to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. We had fantastic photo shoots, though it was drizzling.

I love Erika! <3
               Julianne owns the Marauder's Map that you can buy (from Harry Potter) and it actually looks quite awesome in pictures.               
We changed locations...several times. ;)  
Note the Marauder's Map on the chair in this one.
So...this isn't the BEST picture ever but I was really happy the camera caught me jumping like this.
OK, this is the last one of this angle. :P
My dog looks so adorable in this one!
I love how adorable Erika looks in this one.
Those flowers smell so very delicious. 
This picture rather makes me laugh of Julianne....oh we do love her. :)
I really do love this one. 
I think these next ones on the rocks are my absolute favourite!
I really like this one of Erika and Julianne. 
We had to hurry up and take this one because mum had hamburgers ready back at the house for supper.
But I quick snatched a picture of Erika on the way home. 
After supper we went back outside until it got dark, then came back in to watch Harry Potter. While Erika took a shower Julianne and I took random pictures of our reflections in the wine bottle. :P
Then Erika finished her shower and we took more pictures. 
THEN, Julianne and I got our pajamas on and we watched GOBLET OF FIRE! :)
We then took several awesome photos before watching the film. I like Cedric (the guy on the right) as Cedric...not because Robert Pattinson plays him, I actually think Robert Pattinson is kind of gross haha. But this is the best we got of Julianne and I since the little menu screen moves. 
Then, of course, Erika and I had to have Julianne take some of us. 
Oh my, the WB symbol is so epic in the opening of those films. 
After a few tries we finally got one of the part with Harry and Hermione!
Awwww, Hermione is so cute. 
Then we got ice cream and leftover birthday cupcakes (since my birthday was the Sunday before) and watched the film. And stayed up till 2 in the morning. Fun stuff!! :)
The next morning Erika and I went to Julianne's house for a couple hours and Jane and Joy (Julianne's younger sisters) showed us this fantastic robin's nest! I love the blue eggs. 
Joy and I, she's such a sweetie. 
Joy and Lucy, their adorable dog!
Joy is quite amazing, I love her. 
I love this picture so much! 
 Oh goodness, we had quite a fun time taking all of these pictures! I love Erika's face in this one. 
I love how Jane is awkwardly in the background.
Julianne had to wash dishes for a few minutes, but we had tons of fun with Jane and Joy. 
We were trying to look like a prim and proper family in these next few. 
Julianne was done with dishes so she came to join us. :)
Mine and Erika's promo shot poses.
What fun we have!
Oh the fun of having a blog!
Ta-da! Finished! :)
Julianne was our fantastic photographer for this one.
Joy told us the robin was on her lovely nest so we rushed to look.
What a lovely sight!
Sittin' pretty...
Hope you enjoyed all of these photographs. 

I'm off to work on a map I'm doing of our woods, watch Where the Wild Things Are for the first time with Hannah, and possibly look at our brand new Anthropologie catalogue. 

Erika and her brother Ian are coming tomorrow for clam linguine and stawberry cheesecake, YUM! 

Have a wonderful week. 

-Rachel <3 

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