Tuesday, July 27, 2010

500 Days Of Summer :)

Hello, my darlings!

I do hope to find you all in good health and spirits. So, just to let you know, Erika and I have a couple of fabulous posts coming along here pretty soon with awesome pictures from brilliant photo shoots we've been having. But, until we get those all ready I wanted to share this fabulous video that completely made my night!
Have any of you seen 500 Days Of Summer? Erika and I have not yet, but I have heard nothing but good things about it! I just love Zooey Deschanel! She's so adorable and sweet and also has wonderful music. And, I've only just recently discovered....
the brilliant Joseph Gordon-Levitt. We went to see Inception at midnight two weeks ago (pictures to come soon!) and Levitt played Arthur, a brilliant character. Inception was amazing...but Erika and I shall write more details about that great film when we post the midnight showing pictures. :) 
Anyways, today my sister Hannah found this video today from 500 Days Of Summer. We need to see this film! It seems absolutely adorable, adorable, adorable. :) 

Hope you all are having a brilliant week! I'm off to do some late-night reading and watch an Andy Griffith Show episode with my mummy and sister. :) 



  1. I love that video! "You make my dreams come true" :) I want to see 500 days but I never ever get a chance to go to the movies :( Definitely got to see Inception, your the 5th person who said they have seen it on blogspot today! Zooey is so lovely, and Andy Griffith! I watch that show with my family too lol! Thanks for the comments Erika and Rachel, I cant wait to see your pic from the shoot!

  2. Hey sissy,
    I'll view 500 Days of Summer first, that way I'll know which parts to skip!!=)

  3. I really, really liked 500 Days of Summer...it was so cute, and the best part of it perhaps was the cinematography and the styling (set design, costumes..).

  4. I really have to see the 500 days of summer:) It really sounds wonderful:) Girls, wish you a fantastic day and see you soon my darlings:)Kisses

  5. U enjoyed the movie although at time Zooey's character bothered me a bit (she was a tad mean at times to the handsome Joseph Gordon-Levitt) But the music is wonderful and her clothing, as always, is adorable. And the way the story was told was rather interesting as well. It didn't start from the beginning and play to the end.

    and i can't wait to see your photoshoot! you always have the cutest and loveliest little images.

  6. I'll have to say I didn't really like 500 days of Summer. I couldn't stand Gordon-Levitt's character in the movie. He was sooo needy and then just because she didn't feel like he did, he hated on her. I was hating on him completely the entire movie almost. Oh well.

  7. Thank you girls for all of your uplifting comments on my blog. I am so terrible at responding and keeping updated on other blogs, so I apologize for that! But this is a great post, and I agree that Inception and Zoey are both amazing. You need to see 500 Days of Summer!

    God bless,
    Allison - Spoonful of Life

  8. I still haven't seen 500 Days Of Summer... hopefully that will change soon :)

  9. this is one of my favorites, it's a future classic :)

  10. Oh I love 500 Days of Summer. It's my favorite movie thus far. I'm sure you will love it.
    Also, you have a really cute blog.

    Feel free to visit mine!

  11. Did you watch the movie?
    Hope we can share our perspectives.

  12. I love 500 days of summer!
    It is a very lovely, and interesting movie..
    All is well with me. I'm glad you guys are well.
    All my love.


  13. That video is pretty much my FAVORITE scene from that movie. I love his character in Inception. Love it.

  14. 500 days of summer is fabulous, you will love it. i love your blog design, so cute!

  15. Ah, I really want to see Inception!

  16. 500 days of summer is the BEST movie! and i am madly in love with Joseph. You've got to see him in InceptioN!

  17. Ps: I hope you had a chance to enter my GIVEAWAY…


  18. I really want to see Inception too! Hope your week has been amazing x



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