Thursday, August 5, 2010

Much loved things

I think this picture is so adorable!!!  I just had to share it.  I hope you are all having a wonderful week.  Sorry for the lack of posts.  I have been so busy lately!  We have some photo shoot posts coming, but my computer has been acting weird so it wouldn't let me upload the pictures.  In the mean time I thought I would share with you a few random things that I love! 
I think me and Rachel have already expressed to you lovelies our love for Harry Potter, but again and again we still mention it, because it is just that brilliant!  I love that it is British, I love that there are 7 whole books, I love how the books are written, I love the movies, I just love everything about Harry Potter!  I can hardly wait for November when part one of the seventh movie comes out.   
Although summer is coming to a close, I am still looking forward to autumn.  Because in my opinion all the seasons are simply wonderful.  They all have their own specials things about them.  I think spring has a quiet and peaceful way about itself.  It is always a refresher after a long winter.  I would say summer is happy, bright, and cheerful.  Breezy summer days are ideal for reading under a tree and hot summer days are great for boat rides and swimming.  Autumn is crisp and warm and is special in it's own way.  It is so unique and I love the lovely scent in autumn.  Lastly, winter is magical, light, and calm.  Although sometimes winter lasts far to long, the good things about winter far out weigh the bad.            
And now I will share with you one last thing that I love.  Sweaters are so absolutely wonderful and adorable.  I can hardly wait for cooler weather when I can wear sweaters all the time.  Rachel and I have already planned to thrift shop for sweaters!  I am so excited because I just love the look of big, baggy, funky, yet cute sweaters.  That style sort of reminds me of well......the Weasley family from Harry Potter and since me and Rachel love Harry Potter sweater are just brilliant in our opinion.
That is all for now.  I promise photo shoot posts will come as soon as my computer stops acting up.  
Much love,
pictures via weheartit


  1. I love all kind of sweaters and cardis too...That is such a great selection and wonderful post:)

    Kisses, darling:)

    Wish you a great afternoon:)

  2. ahhhh I came to your blog and saw the first picture and it took my breath away! I'm going to the premiere to that movie yeeee :)
    I agree with what you said, that every season is special in its own way. Everyone asks me what my fav season is but I can never decide!
    I wish winter lasted long here, I have never even seen snow fall in person before :( this year that is going to change!
    And omg sweaters :) I love them I wear really light sweaters just to cover my arm, I have some scars there it sucks.
    Amazing posts loved it!

  3. Those pictures are adorable. I watched a bit of the last Harry Potter movie on t.v., and all I could think about what Emma Waton's fair isle sweaters and how I needed one too!
    And I too love, love LOVE sweaters. Thats the nice part of this nonsummer I'm experiencing...haven't had to put the sweaters away :)

  4. I too adore Harry Potter. I am such a fanatic. I'm always at the midnight showings and re-read the books all the time. Come stop by and say hello:

  5. Such pretty photos!! Thanks for sharing! And have you seen Emma's new short haircut? She can totally pull it off but I'm not really a fan. :(

  6. Hey Rachel here is a photo done by a russian photagrapher which I liked a bunch and thought you would too:

  7. I love sweaters too! And thrift shopping for them is a wonderful idea, I find a ton that way. And I love the photos.


  8. Yes, I do love the seasons. I am so glad I live in a place where the seasons change. I don't think I would stay in a place where they don't. For some weird reason, I can't wear sweaters. Something about the way they feel on my skin. Bummer, because some of them are soooo cute.

  9. Hey whats up thanks for commenting :) Yes I live in CA so I might go to LA for part one. It depends, I have to sort out some stuff :/ but I'm sure I'll make it if not I can just go to part two! How far are you guys from NYC? I think you guys should def go! New York is 10 times better than LA, hands down, so I am jealous of YOU not the other way around lol.
    Yes, it is kind of sad that I never seen snow, but I might visit some fam in Alaska this year so hopefully it will snow!
    Lucky you! With the whole long winter thing, here it last about 3 months, Nov Dec and Jan then its over.
    Its cool my post is longer, thanks the blog design will be changing more next week 2

  10. I love that first pic! Like so many people I feel like I really grew up with the Harry Potter characters, I will be so sad to see it over soon as I will really feel like I'm turning the final page on my childhood then.

  11. I love weheart it :)

    I love allllll these pics soooo lovely

    Char x

  12. Emma Watson looks fantastic there (and just generally!)!


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