Monday, November 15, 2010

the leaves are gone and the trees like silhouettes

warm mugs of hot chocolate each night while watching the andy griffith show, and now that it is the week of deathly hallows i've been having a harry potter marathon. 
the leaves are all gone now and have left the trees bare silhouettes against the blue skies.
i hope you've been having a wonderful autumn! watching the 2nd and 3rd harry potter film tomorrow night, 4th and 5th wednesday, and 6th on thursday with friends and erika and then: the midnight showing thursday night! ah! i cannot even handle my's going to be so amazing. 

halloween weekend photos and the wizarding world of harry potter photos up next week!



  1. How enchanting. The trees are lovely.
    And I am coveting your sweater.

  2. I just love that first photo!

  3. What a beautiful photos...They make me so happy:) Thank you
    Kisses, darlings

    Ps: I’m hosting a Pistacho Press GIVEAWAY today, so please join in :)

  4. The pictures are beautiful..I miss fall..where I stay seasons don't change sigh.
    It's a beautiful blog..joined couple of weeks back...look forward to reading more.
    Take care.


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