Tuesday, November 9, 2010

current countdown: 10 days!!!!

here you find us again still counting down to the release of the first part of the last installment of the worldwide phenomenon! it's so exciting because mugglenet has been posting new clips, behind-the-scenes, and trailers practically every other day so be prepared as we go about this post to see many links! :)
we cannot even believe that it's just ten days until deathly hallows! it completely feels like yesterday that we broke the 100 days point but that was all the way in august. november has come with great swiftness and it's weird to think about last fall when we thought it would take forever to get here, and now we're here! we're unbelievably excited we can't even stand it!
watching and reading interviews from the cast makes us oh so excited...everyone says it's going to be amazing and the best one yet. and watching all the clips and trailers and behind the scenes stuff makes us see just how intense it's going to be and how epic of a job the actors will do, and of course we the awesome producers david barron and david heyman and director david yates for making the film visually beautiful and writing such an epic script...and though we haven't seen it yet we have confidence that it will be just as epic as we dream!
now we shall share with you some new videos that have been released in the past couple of weeks that are all very epic.

~halloween weekend erika was at rachel's house and they released all of these short clips...they are all SO epic even if they are 30 seconds long. a few of our very favourites are below.
~after erika and i watched this one we pretty much looked at each other in awe at how epic it was.
~we love when harry gets flipped upside down and how intense it is when his feet pound on that car. 
~this one pretty much stunned us into silence as well! so intense and epic!
~oh my lands....so amazing and super intense! 
~and to get you even more excited for the film--short clips from the SOUNDTRACK! AH! it sounds perfect, we love the new composer and think he'll bring such a cool new feel to it. obliviate, the ministry of magic, and lovegood are exceptionally fine. :) 
10 DAYS!!!!!!!!!! We cannot wait!!!!!!!! It shall be so amazing. We ordered our tickets for the midnight showing last night! Midnight Harry Potter showings are the best. :) 

have a fantastic week!


p.s.-pictures from our halloween weekend, and of course rachel's trip to the wizarding world of harry potter, up soon!
p.p.s.-sunday night was a new simpson's treehouse of horror and it had daniel radcliffe on it as a vampire...it was so funny! did any of you happen to see it too?


  1. I cant wait to check out those links...Its so soon...Yay!
    Kisses my dears

    Ps: I’m hosting a sweet t-shirt GIVEAWAY today. So please join in :)
    I bet you will love it

  2. So exciting, I can't wait, hopefully going to see it soon!

  3. I'm super excited!!
    Thank you for the wonderful comment. I'm doing well.
    Brenton and I still care about each other like we used to. We just have so much going on for us. Maybe we'll get back together in the future. If not, I'll be more than glad to remain friends with such a lovely person like Brenton. :)
    Have a great week.



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