Friday, December 10, 2010

"and my friends, i've returned to wish you a happy Christmas!"

i adore this time of year. and i've never fully realised how glamorous and beautiful winter is. beautiful because of the snow, glamorous because of the things you wear. i guess the holiday styles this year are what made me want to do this post. i'd never really realised until this year how glamorous winter clothing is! and this year's styles are wonderful. my style scope has expanded a bit i think. 
i will just state that this outfit is screaming me! i love everything about it oh so much. the purple tights (i have some almost exactly like that which i'm wearing!), the beautiful silk skirt with dainty pleats, and the lovely silkish top with a dainty collar and cut to reveal the collar bone (which adds so much daintyness and lovelieness to an outfit, i think!) and just the right amount of sparkles and gems at the peter pan collar. 
for clothes i'm in love with silver, nude, and a very pale pink right now, especially for this season. but you must add it with beautiful textures like silk, chiffon, shimmer, and sparkles. when we went shopping on black friday i picked out clothes to try on at forever 21 and when we looked at everything hanging on my hand before try-ons, we laughed because everything was a pale pink or grey, and all silks!
i just love the sparkle of winter--whether in a trimming of a dress or the warmth of Christmas lights. Christmas is truly a wonderful time of year. i love Christmas present shopping and having to rush into the warm stores to get out of the cold. and i love just being at home spending time with my family in our cosy home. and of course there's all the family Christmas gatherings which are always a joy that i'm looking forward to. 
fresh blankets of snow are surrounding my family's cosy cottage. it's so sparkly and wonderful. and i love the feeling of being all warm in your house with the fire blazing, a cup of cocoa in one hand, and a Christmas magazine in the other.
i also love velvets in any clothing item-and pairing it with another piece that sparkles or shines is perfect. i'm so excited to pick my holiday outfits to wear to Christmas gatherings!
i was telling my mum a couple weeks ago how i lately have felt that i just don't want to wear a shirt and jeans--especially this glamorous and beautiful time of year-because i feel that you need to always be dressed up. erika and i have a little phrase, "always be dressed like you're ready for a photo shoot!" and i think it's very applicable. for instance, i'll just be about the house wearing a tulle skirt, tights, and a lovely holiday top and sweater!
my house is so cosy now that it's all decorated! we always go all out with Christmas decorations. garlands everywhere full of twinkling lights, and of course our big tree entwined with Christmas lights and adorned with beautiful ornaments my mum has collected over the years. 
so now i close this post in hopes that you've been enjoying this Holy season as much as i have! :) erika and i have been having some snow photo shoots so we'll have to share some photos with you. 
tonight my girl cousins (including of course erika!) and my grandma are coming over for our annual cookie bake and decorating. tonight we'll bake the sweet sugar cookies, watch white christmas (it's a tradition!), and tomorrow decorate the cookies all day! :) 
have a wonderful weekend, loves! ♥ 


{all photos via weheartit}


  1. The dress with the jewel collar is just gorgeous, I love it!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. oooooo the dress :)

    just magical I would give anything to own that

    Char x

  3. Hello dear, I hope your week is going well.
    I love winter and the glamor too!! I hate the cold the snow brings, but I love snow! It's so pure!
    Thank you very much for caring. Your comment made me feel better.
    You ladies have my heart.


  4. I adore your new layout! It is so glamorous, as if your blog put on an elegant wintry outfit.
    I love winter clothes more too...tights and cardigans and dark clothes with little bright pops of colors or shimmer.

  5. Lovely post and i so love its Christmas time here!
    love those pretty gowns n u have wonderful pics!
    Happy hols with love and Merry Christmas too!


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