Friday, December 3, 2010

the cold air turned our cheeks rosy!♥

thanksgiving! oh sweet thankgiving. :) i'll try to briefly sum it up: 
wonderfully delicious dinner and sleepover at erika' house with my sister as well♥
singing Christmas carols to kick off the Christmas season (our favourite time of year!)
cosily gathering about the living room, lights off, projector up, watching mr. bean and ELF!! oh how we love elf with it's Christmas beauty and hilarity!
fantastic hobby lobby shopping, admiring the Christmas decorations!
our favourite ever, most fantastic store because it's european--H&M. wearing dresses we dreamt of wearing to some awards show for our acting, or perhaps new york fashion week:) 
buying hats that make us reminisce faintly of the brilliant ronald weasley and visiting the awesome forever 21, that's so beautiful with all the fantastic winter clothes (rachel bought two wonderful holiday shirts!) and playing christmas music. 
visiting a wonderful outdoor mall, all decked out for Christmas and playing Christmas music! oh the huge tree was mesmerizing!
then it was off to the lovely williams-sonoma. a wonderful cooking store full of lovely things!
like copper pots and british-looking cow creamers:)  
visiting the department-store-ish von maur that makes us think of gimble's in new york city! i suppose this will have to do until our lifelong visit to the wonderful city of new york. 
we loved looking at the elegant jewelery in the jewelery department. thinking of going to tiffany&co. in new york city!♥ oh how elegant and sophisticated would that be? i'd have to get dressed up to go in there!
admiring the enchanting tree as the cold air turned our cheeks rosy!
eating my first ever chocolate from this wonderful locally owned chocolate shop! best.chocolate.ever! but for 3 bucks a truffle it's a once in a while thing. ;) 
but oh gracious was it worth it. i got a dark chocolate truffle and oh my lands it was the best chocolate i had ever had! 
falling in love with the new secret wonderland scent at bath and body works♥ added to our Christmas lists most definitely!
and lastly the classic barnes and noble trip to end the day! we read magazines round tables about the lovely emma watson! oh how we love her♥♥
and to finish the day, STARBUCKS! :) what a wonderful thanksgiving and black friday♥
i come back to my home, welcomed by a waft of warm air, and find that my sweet mummy put up the tree and had the lights, beads, and ribbon on it! all ready to be decorated with beautiful ornaments♥ oh how lovely. i adore this time of year!


p.s.-we have our deathly hallows midnight showing post coming up AND what do you think of our new christmasy layout?? 


  1. The new layout looks great, and a midnight screening of Harry Potter sounds awesome!! I love these pictures, they look like so much fun, and your matching dresses are just lovely. You guys are adorable!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. I love how interesting you girls are. I giggled all through this post. The photo of you guys singing the Christmas carol is epic. I love it.
    I love the dresses. I need to go to H&M soon!!!!
    Have a lovely week!


  3. I love mr.bean! I'm glad you guys had a fun thanksgiving! Sorry I haven't been on in a while, I missed this blog so much :( I need to come on here more


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