Saturday, January 22, 2011

winter inspiration♥

beautiful winter has arrived and brought with it beautiful snow, shimmering like diamonds. as each intricate snowflake falls we take notice in the beauty of God's creation. how fascinating and lovely snow is!
this post is the start of a seasonally annual post we shall do. once spring comes round we'll share with you more inspirational photos, clothing on our wish list, and some of our recent photography--all reflective of the season. 
winter fashion is wonderful and we love layering and using glamorous textures and colours. however, we will admit that spring fashion has been on our mind since all the designers and stores have been releasing their spring/summer collections. we've sketched out our clothing wish lists for spring&summer and can't wait to start creating our spring/summer wardrobe once april comes round. 
the snow is falling steadily outside the window and we're preparing for a winter photos shoot, our ideas swimming with picture ideas!
so, we both absolutely positively want glasses however, we both have fantastic eyesight and are discouraged that we may never find the need to buy prescription glasses. last year rachel discovered warby parker--this sleek, awesome&fair-priced online glasses store. rachel's sister has glasses and was looking for new frames so she sent in to get the free trial of four pairs for five days. and then it happened, rachel tried on the Miles....and now has discovered "her" pair of glasses. once summer comes round we plan to buy fake glasses that resemble these, we feel that they are such a good accessory that we wouldn't be lame! 
the pleasantly precocious top from modcloth is currently on erika's wish list for winter, the simplicity&daintiness is wonderful...peter pan collars essentially define daintiness! and as for rachel she is absolutely loving the tiered peterpan blouse from topshop. the layers are amazing and the dainty collar and brilliant colour are pretty fantastic!
and both of us are completely swooning over this modcloth blogroll dress! it is absolutely adorable. we dream of wearing it with plain oxford shoes&adorable stockings. however, it is quite unfortunate that modcloth is sold out! ah, well, one can dream. :) 
we spent last night together taking photos (see photo above and all below) for an hour, blogging, talking&laughing, and officially signing our harry potter film wizardry books, which we each received for Christmas, with rachel's hogwarts quill. it was brilliant! 
rachel's room was oh so cosy with artistic trinkets everywhere, feathers and leaves lying about, and white Christmas lights draped over her shelf, shimmering with a glow. 
we stayed up last night till nearly 4 in the morning talking and reminiscing of the amazing and absolutely blissful Summer last year, and the generally brilliant whole year. we read particular entries from one another's journals aloud loving hearing of the wonderful times we shared. 
we cannot wait to see what this year holds for us, but trust that it will be wonderful! as far as this year has been going along it has been brilliant. good memories have been made (if only 22 days into this year), good pictures have been taken, and beautiful snow has stayed like an icing over a cake! 

hope your weekend is magical, loves!♥



  1. I know I don't comment on here enough, but I am so thankful for your support and comments on my blog. I am so happy you enjoy it, and I am always glad to read your responses.

    I love this post, the outfits, and the fun photos.

    <3 Alli

  2. Thanks for the love!
    Your entry about the fake glasses made me laugh. I actually DO have horrible eyesight, and my glasses very often double as fashion accessories. I hope this new year brings you two love, wisdom, friendship and additional joy.

  3. Beautiful darlings,
    you girls have put a smile on my face. I love your words and photographs.
    Oh, and that modcloth dress needs to be in my closet. haha..
    I hope your days remain graceful. I hope God showers blessings on us all.
    All my love


  4. heeeey darling!
    how are you?? happy winter to YOU two! :)
    i love the peter pan collar tops you've shared with us, very cute.
    i wish the photos you took of yourself were brighter, looks like what you were very was very cute. you two are so lucky to have each other. i wish i had someone to get silly with till 4 in the morning!
    i also hope that you have a wonderful upcoming year.... there's no other way to spend it right? looking forward to seeing the events unfold via your blog! :D

  5. Thank you for the ever-lovely comments. Both of your comments always bring a literal smile to my face.
    And the clothes - love! I forgot about ModCloth, but it looks like they have some really amazing pieces right now.

  6. Winter fashion is really wonderful. With so much snow, I can't help but think about last summer as well. I am looking forward to the warmer weather, but treasuring everyday til then.
    wamrs hugs & sweet blessings~

  7. thanks for your comment on color collective!! it's funny, i found your blog a few weeks ago too and absolutely love it! you two are so creative and i love your style!!


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