Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Full of splendor, birdsong, and beautiful sunshine!

Hello my darlings! I do hope you've been enjoying this blissful Spring weather. This past Sunday we were very spoiled with wonderful 80 degree weather and lovely warm winds. Here! In the midwest! In April! It was completely divine. I wore my new thrifted floral shorts and blue and green shoes I'd worn all the time last Summer. Erika and her brother came over in the early evening and we had an absolutely completely splendid time!
We all sat out on my family's screened porch and sipped ice cold lemonade and enjoyed lovely conversation. It felt so much like Summer it was surreal! Erika and I of course took some photos to capture the glorious day. We sat out on my blanket beneath the vast ceiling of branches of the pine trees and talked for about an hour of all things nice while looking at my beautiful British decourating book that I adore called Comfortable Country. 
The day was complete bliss. And when we came in the house as the sun was setting we ate a casual supper and listened to some fantastic big band music. Oh how I adore Spring! Just overnight our daffodils burst forth in glorious splendour and the floor of my forest is sprinkled with foliage of green and buds of flowers.
Next Monday, the 18th, is my 15th birthday and I am so very excited! I think birthdays are simply divine. This Friday I'm planning to have Erika, her brother, and a couple other friends over. We shall eat a scrumptious berry meringue gateau (which I'm planning to make), open gifts, perhaps dance to some groovy music, eat a delightful supper, and watch Deathly Hallows part 1 which is coming out on DVD that day! It will be so much fun and Erika and I are quite excited for the little celebration. 
And, as everyone will stay the night, the next day, Saturday, my mum will take us girls to a local town right along the lake with a delightful park and a restaurant called the Boathouse that's directly next to the lake. We're also planning to stop by any quaint shop that catches our eye. This past Saturday night it was just my mum and I up late at night cosily watching The Young Victoria in my lovely living room. I sketched out a little still life of how I want the table to look Friday night with white pendants hanging, a Spring tablecloth, my cake, and lit candles all set up on a table out on the front porch. 
On Monday, the day of my birthday it shall be mine and my mum's annual day out. We plan to go shopping, eat sushi for lunch, pop in at a Pampered Chef party at a friends house in the early evening, then come home, eat brie with fruit and some delicious chicken of sorts for supper, and that night watch Ratatouille and eat scrumptious chocolate mousse. I am so excited for the happy prospect of my birthday weekend!
Today is absolutely glorious and I am off to go take a walk in my woods, paint, read, and enjoy the beautiful day. The birds are singing so beautifully it is complete bliss. The trees are budding and I cannot wait for the leaves to burst forth! 

Happy Tuesday to you all, my darlings♥ How was your weekend?

{written by Rachel}

P.S.-Currently in love with Ruche's Spring lookbook that completely captures the beauty of Spring!


  1. Happy Spring daaahlings! :)
    I love the new look to your blog- very joyful and beautiful! Pretty pictures too!
    Enjoy the warm weather!! It is a grand time of year!


  2. The pine trees look so pretty!


  3. Just discovered your blog and it's so pretty! Love!

    Would love if you popped by mine sometime.

    Andrea x


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