Wednesday, April 6, 2011

-It all ends in just 99 days-

Well, I can honestly say I didn't think this moment would come this soon...and I kind of hate it. Wow. It is just 99 tiny little days until the end. Until the Final Battle. In 99 days we will be viewing the final installment to the most amazing and wonderful film and book franchise...ever. Feeling very bittersweet about it all. Definitely bittersweet. We completely know the movie will be perfect. Writing this I feel sad and am getting some chills and goosebumps thinking about that moment in the theatre when they show the "Nineteen Years Later" scene and then the screen will go black, we will yell our applause, and then it will be over. The wonderful films will be at an end, but we know in our hearts that we shall enjoy them forever and a day. The films and their perfect emotions, intensity, humor, beauty, always gorgeous and favourite ever soundtracks, and our adoration for those characters and the way the actors play them.
Harry Potter. Oh, Harry is purely wonderful, our favourite thing ever, and will cheer us up any day of the year. I was listening to some songs from the soundtracks and felt lovely thinking about the movies and plus the fact that one song in particular (the beautiful first 25 seconds of this song) and had blissful memories from visiting the theme park in October (which, I promise you, I will post about soon...I've just wanted to have the right words to describe its heavenliness).
Our excitement is mounting, the film will come over sweet Summer and it will be perfect, we will adore it, tears will be shed throughout the incredible film, and then it will all end. 
And now, in the words of the newest amazing poster, IT ALL ENDS 7.15. 
Yes. It will be incredibly mind blowing. Harry Potter forever and ever and a day...wonderful♥



  1. You guys are the biggest Harry Potter fans I know!! You make me want to fall in love with Harry Potter!! :)
    I hope your days are beautiful.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. i didn't finish reading the book yet! i have 99 days to do so! lol

  3. I am so torn! I mean I can't wait but I also never want it to come, because that mean Snape,Dobby,and Fred dies! I know I'll cry Fred dies! :'( BTW I LOVE your blog!!!

  4. My darlings,
    I hope you guys have a wonderful Sunday!



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