Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Inspiration

Hello there, my lovelies! Well here I am with another post which I promised would come seasonally when we did our first Winter Inspiration post. 
It is the first of April, which not only means Happy April Fool's, more importantly Fred and George Weasley's birthday, but the first day of a blissful month that I always look forward to each year.

Not only is April my birthday month but it is a month of beautiful Spring sunshine, the blossoming of flowers, the first peek at lush green grass and times to frolic about and enjoy the day. Words almost cannot describe that joy that Spring brings, but the photo above and to the right really captures a Spring lighting and feel to me. I am adoring the bright afternoon shadows the appear in my beautiful living room, the sunsets I can enjoy, and the grass I can perch on as I read.
I mentioned in the last post how I wanted to make some changes to my bedroom. Well, the other day my dear mummy and I went to a lovely consignment/coffee shop (where I may be able to get a job this Summer!) and found a beautiful and elegant duvet cover that's white with lovely embellishments of lace. It looks so pretty and breezy! I can't wait to get pretty pale toile pillows to go with it and a luxurious white canopy which I shall buy with birthday money. 
I received my brand new hot-off-the-press J. Crew catalogue the other day and was, as always, in love with everything inside. 
My two current things on my wish list from J. Crew is the Gingham Sonoma Short, seen at right, along with the Cutler and Gross sunglasses. Pretty much, the glasses have the exact design that I love-the cute pointed edges-and if I was to buy glasses I would need them to also have the marble look. 
I adore the breezy elegance that Spring brings-trees looking almost sprinkled with tiny green leaves and buds, opening your windows to let the birdsong breeze through, and embracing the pink, flowers, and breezy silk. 
Once my mum takes me Spring clothes shopping I hope to have my wardrobe full of shirts like those pictured at left.
The other day I was looking at photos from weddings and decided to take my almost weekly visit to the newly launched line of all things unique and beautiful for your wedding, BHLDN. I was looking at the breathtaking wedding gowns and discovered my dream dress: the Cascading Goddess gown, pictured above. It is breathtaking-the sumptuous silk, flowing layers, and dainty, feminine and elegant cut.
~What I wore: Sunday Best~
Sunday was a completely and utterly a perfect day. I woke up to sunshine shining through my window and new that I had to pick a lovely Spring outfit for church to welcome the beauty of a Spring day. The morning light was perfect and I took several photos outside just before my family left for church capturing the beautiful morning sunshine. The birds were singing beautifully and it was so ideal!
When we got home my mum had some delicious creamy chicken in the crock-pot and the house smelled scrumptious. I turned on some Glenn Miller, my mum steamed asparagus, and we sat around the table and enjoyed a classic "Sunday dinner." It was so lovely! And the day was absolutely glorious outside.
A couple of things on my wish list are: 
Beast's Feast Tureen from Anthropologie. Tureen's are always my favourite! My mum has some old beautiful blue and white dishes that belonged to my great grandmother and my favourite piece of the set is the tureen.
Lately I've been thinking about beautiful Summer weekend trips, and I always see beautiful bags online and such. Right now my favourite one is the Summer Blossom Overnight bag from Cath Kidston. Her designs are so beautiful and Summery! Someday I'm just going to pluck up the courage and buy an epic bag.
Erika is at my house now and we're planning to watercolour, make smoothies and popcorn and watch the new Ramona and Beezus. 
Hope your weekend is magical! Happy Spring, darlings! And more importantly, happy first of April! April is purely wonderful. ♥
How are you celebrating Spring, darlings?
{written by Rachel}


  1. What lovely things - I do adore that tureen also.
    My parents have a cauldron - passed down by my grandmother - its witch-like but wonderful for cooking over an open fire. The tureen reminds me of it...
    And the J.Crew outfit with the shorts is very cute. I like the blouse the shorts are paired with also...somehow a bit like something a 1940's movie star might wear.
    Hope both of you have a lovely weekend!

  2. You have a really and truly lovely blog! What a perfect Spring time post!

    The Flower Girl

  3. I'm so excited for spring because it means longer days and hopefully more sun! Lovely post!

  4. I love your new layout!! So beautiful.
    Spring is finally here. I love waking up to music from the birds!
    These photos are magical, and your outfit is beautiful!
    All my love.


  5. All gorgeous inspiration :) :) :)

    Lovely lovely blog

    Char x

  6. Im totally over the moon about spring and those images make me so very happy! Wish you both an amazing Monday, darlings

  7. sunday was totally perfect. i'm glad you lived it up :)

  8. Such beautiful photographs - spring spring spring! x


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