Wednesday, May 18, 2011

::Stripes and flowers and dappled sunlight to joyously welcome Summer::

Summer is near. Blissful, practically-perfect-in-every-way, Summer. May has swiftly come and we are already nearly into June. June! That is the official start to Summer and I can hardly believe it's arrived--Summer is so wonderful it feels almost like a fantasy. I shall start my Summer holiday next week and Erika shall be starting in two weeks. The first day of her Summer holiday she shall come stay at my house and we shall watch blissful Pride and Prejudice, take grand pictures capturing the day, and sip smoothies.
The days have been bliss. My woods has blossomed with leaves, cool shadows, and warm patches of sunlight. I slowly walked through admiring the beauty. I stared up the long, vast trunks and up into the brown branches full of green leaves and the sun shined through in gorgeous splendor. 
Some videos that shine with Summer. Keegan Gibbs, The Beach, is very divine. I've always fancied the thought of surfing in California and romping the beach with friends, still wet from the salty sea with your hair blowing dry in the wind. And, of course, my favourite video, Miss Dior Cherie. It completely captures blissful Summer in Paris-I cannot wait to be there someday biking through the streets, visiting Laduree and eating macaroons as I roam the streets and visit the grand Eiffel Tower. 
We celebrated Erika's birthday with a grand party and I promise she shall be sharing pictures with you soon. Next week my sister and I are visiting Chicago for four whole wonderful days! It will be practically perfect. I have been dying to visit the city. I can't wait to be there among the tall buildings, the swarms of people forever walking along the sidewalks, and visiting the huge three-story H&M. We also plan to visit the Art Institute and I am so ecstatic! I'm currently working on a research paper on impressionists (but particularly my favourite ever artist, Renoir) and I have absolutely fallen in love with them and am nearly giddy at the prospect of seeing Monet's and Renoir's work in real life. AH!
Monday night my sister and I shared an Italian dinner with a friend and afterwards went shopping at the mall. We, of course, had to visit H&M where I discovered, much to my joy, an adorable striped French sweater (I am currently obsessed with all things French!) with elbow pads for....$15!! Hooray! It will be lovely in Chicago. Ah, Chicago~I am so every excited♥
Warm sunshine, sun-kissed skin, cool shadows, the rythmic waves bouncing your shining sailboat, biking through beautiful boulevards wearing breezy tops, cuffed shorts, and Oxfords, and the breathtaking seaside. What bliss! Summer is utterly blissful and I am fairly giddy that it has nearly arrived.
I am currently adoring blue&white and dreaming of a holiday along the east coast.
Also, I'm planning to buy two prints for my bedroom. 
Renoir's, Bridge at Chatou

Hope your days are beautiful, my darlings! How have you been celebrating Summer being just around the bend?

{Written by Rachel}
Just 57 little days until it all ends♥


  1. Monet is one of my very mom surprised me with a stationary set last summer that featured all of Monet's paintings on each card!
    I think the warm weather beezes are carrying your Parisian thoughts over to New York! Lately, I've been dreaming of Paris! Have you seen the trailer for the new Woody Allen film, 'Midnight in Paris'?! Do view it when you get the chance! I've been planning a big French-themed post for my blog in a couple of days! Perhaps, someday we will all meet in Paris! :)
    Well, I hope your trip to Chicago is wonderful & sunny! This past week, we've been plagued with rain showers and thunderstorms. But may the sun shine brightly wherever you go, loves!


  2. P.S.
    Happy Birthday Erika!!! I hope you had a fabulous day!


  3. i love that striped shirt with the elbow patches! :)

  4. I know, summer is so exciting, so full of possibilities. And its just starting to warm up here, which is lovely.
    I hope that you do get to summer (here) in California one day. And in Paris too - wouldn't that be just beautiful...?

  5. I'm glad Erika had a wonderful birthday! The thoughts of summer fill my mind with joy! :)
    Oh, I'm going to Chicago on the 30th. I'm so very happy! Maybe I'll bump into you and your sister without knowing! :)


  6. i love monet too!

    p.s. don't miss out on this fabulous Love of Dresses giveaway

  7. Happy Birthday to Erika. Also, stripes are perfect for summer! Kisses, girls

    Ps: I’m hosting a great sportswear GIVEAWAY today! Perfect for morning yoga practice!


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