Saturday, May 7, 2011

::Splendid May delights::

May has arrived and it feels almost like a fantasy. The birds sing blissfully, I sit in the sun and read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, my woods is an enchanting place with pale green foliage and leaves with the sunshine making it shimmer and glimmer, and the grass is a lush haven. 
My dreams have been soaring lately and Paris is utterly on my mind. I call Paris "my city" because it is the city that just the thought of it never ceases to make my heart skip a beat. I dream almost daily of bright sunny mornings in Paris walking around street markets buying baguette's and speaking French, enjoying the blissful environment and people. 
Erika and I were just discussing the other day, during one of our late night phone conversations, how we think it's almost surreal that Europe even exists because we dream of going there so passionately and idealistically. 
Our hearts go all aflutter at just the thought of romping around Europe together someday--watercolouring in the Lake District where Beatrix Potter once sat, riding a gondola along the shores of Venice, and taking late night strolls with the stars shining and the Eiffel Tower gloriously shining right above us, just like in Ratatouille, where perhaps we would casually stop at a sidewalk cafe for a macaron.
Summer is wonderfully on my mind. I dream of warm evenings spent on the screen porch within the warm glow of lamplight, picnics in the bright afternoon sunshine reading and painting, and glorious weekends at mine and Erika's grandma's lake house with the sparkling water and after-dinner swims.
:: Merci beaucoup ::
I enjoy these days of blissful splendour as the leaves burst forth in glorious beauty and the forest floor becomes sprinkled, almost like fairy dust, with pale green foliage and flowers. I sit barefoot on the grass and read Sorcerer's Stone in the bright afternoon sunshine feeling perfectly content. It is bliss. I am ecstatic that as each week rolls by wonderful Summer is nearing.
Erika's seventeenth birthday is a week from today and we're going to spend her whole birthday weekend together. We're hosting a splendid picnic on Sunday, the 15th with friends. It will be outdoors with decorations of flowers and penants to hang from the trees, scrumptious food of cheese and baguettes, leisurely games of croquet, and Half-Blood Prince projected outside once nighttime falls.
How have you lovelies been? I hope the weather has been treating you well wherever you reside! Seize the day and enjoy the revealing of lady Spring♥
Currently feeling:
 Homesick for Hogwarts. I am, however, perfectly happy to say that I have been there. Right there. At the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. And it was heaven. 
It is 68 days until it all ends and the excitement and bittersweet feeling is mounting for Erika and I. On Wednesday, April 27th a trailer for Deathly Hallows part 2 was released and oh my lands, it blew our minds. You can watch it right
When we first watched it we got major chills, tears stung eyes, and hearts raced. It is incredible. Harry Potter is incredible. ♥

All my love to you, darlings! I hope your weekend is magical. Do tell me what you've been up to!

{written by Rachel}


  1. what a beautiful post!

  2. Oh I love the party table -- and the references to Harry Potter! I've been luxuriating in the joy of reading it to my eight-year old. We're on the 2nd book right now and I can't tell you how much I'm cherishing every minute.

  3. Hi girls! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post! I find summer so exciting and is a beautiful and romantic time of year and I can hardly wait as well!
    Paris is quite lovely- I often think of Ratatouille, daydreaming about being a baker there! Everytime I catch it on tv, I have to watch it!
    Thank you for your lovely comments by the way. I do appreciate them! The poison ivy is all gone and I am doing wonderful!
    Well, have a glorious week loves!
    Toodles 'til then,

  4. My darlings, the weather is gorgeous! It was 90 degrees yesterday, so I went on a 7 mile bike ride! Such pleasure! I hope you lovelies are enjoying it too :)
    Happy birthday in advance to Erika!


  5. Awww those photos are magical and that picnic table is so romantic. Wish you both a lovely afternoon, kisses!

    Ps: I’m hosting a beautiful dress GIVEAWAY today! Just in time for summer!

  6. I've never been to Paris either...but it does sound magical. I want a cup of a Mariage Freres salon...and to test French perfume on my wrists, to buy a little nosegay of violets somewhere, and to sip on cafe au lait by the Seine...
    And to Erica, happy birthday! I hope both of you have a beautiful weekend.

  7. these pictures are soo refreshing to look at, makes me want summer to be here already xx

  8. I hope your days are beautiful!



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