Tuesday, May 3, 2011

♥The Royal Wedding♥

As This Is Glamorous said, I am "still a little caught up in the romance of it all, the stolen glances and secret smiles, the horse-drawn carriages and chantilly lace, the balcony kisses and moments so breathtakingly lovely you can barely stand it." It was surely something I'll always remember from my teen years-seeing all the photos and videos from the perfect wedding day and pre-wedding, and the many covers of magazine with Kate and Will's faces on it. 

It was perfectly elegant and ever so extravagant-but, rightly so! For what better way to make a princess feel like a princess? The beautiful draping wedding gown, and sparkling tiara beneath the dainty layers of chenille from her veil just took my breath away. The extravagance of the ceremony in Westminster Abbey was incredible. I adored the hats that all the women wore to the wedding, adding a very nice British touch. 
And may I just say, I would have loved to have been in England on that day.

on the subject of weddings, I thought I would share with you some of my dream wedding ideas-I have so many! My mum and I discuss weddings and my dream plans often which is such fun and I am always staying tuned to the most beautiful wedding blog Once Wed.
Being fifteen the subject is very exciting to me! My colours would be: peach, champagne, cream, rose, pale grapefruit, and a soft celery green for accents (like the foliage pictured at right). I love a very elegant wedding with lush flowers, draping tulle, twinkling lights, candles, and lovely wine glasses on the tables to sparkle. But nothing too fussy! My wedding has to be on a Friday evening with the ceremony outside at perhaps about five in the evening, in September ideally, and the reception being outside at my very own home with hundreds of lights strung and round tables beautifully decourated with chiavari chairs. 

I dream of having a dessert reception. The food consisting of bread pudding, cheesecake, fruit tarts, a chocolate fountain to daintily dip strawberries and apples, fruit kabobs, lemon bars, delicious chocolate cookies, with beautiful loaves of baguette sitting out, a fine selection of cheeses and water crackers. 

And of course there's the cake. I've told my mum that it's always a letdown to go to a wedding and have the cake be dry with frosting purely made out of. Personally I think your wedding cake should be one of the best cakes you've ever tasted. I adore this wedding cake on the right, with a beautifully coloured creamy frosting making swirls and the gorgeous peonies.
I dream of each layer being different. One layer being a raspberry cake with a jam filling, another perhaps being a heavenly chocolate and vanilla swirl, and another even being mocha. And all of this covered with a delicious almost mousse-like buttercream frosting.

I completely adore how unique weddings are now and how each one shines with the couple's own personal style. The prospect has always seemed exciting of planning the wedding and I've sort of vowed to myself not to get stressed over it when it might come around someday. I think that time of planning should be really fun for the bride and groom and also that time of being engaged and getting to know one another even better and creating that perfect day. 
I am utterly swooning over this wedding gown-the sweeping layers of silk and gorgeous details is completely elegant and feminine. As I've mentioned before one of my dream gowns is BHLDN's Cascading Goddess gown and this dress pictured above very much reminds me of it. I am currently loving very feminine and elegant wedding gowns with beautiful layers and sleeves with nothing too overdone. I also adore this very simple wedding band-it's just perfect!

Dancing is an absolute must at my wedding. My guests must stay and party until one in the morning, in the least! I've told myself that I'm pretty sure the thing I'll be the most keen on finding is a perfect photographer. I suppose that's because I myself am an artist and photographer and will want the pictures to be just right capturing the joy and classiness of the day.

Before I close this little post, I will mention that both Erika and I think it would be incredibly brilliant to learn a swing dance for the bride and groom's first dance. It would be so fantastic at the reception and also quite delightful to learn beforehand. A song choice that would be perfect is Love by Nat King Cole like from The Parent Trap.
This photo utterly sums up what I dream of having my reception look like. Twinkling and warm glowing lights, elegant wine glasses and beautiful flowers on the tables, and all of it outside at dusk~so perfect~with Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, and Glenn Miller playing in the background, the sound of good conversation and laughter from the adults while looking so sophisticated sipping wine and champagne, and the kids running around blowing bubbles.
So, lovelies, did any of you watch the Royal Wedding? What were your favourite parts and scrumptious details you liked most about it? Erika stayed home a few hours from school just to watch it! We are such kids of the 2000's, right?! 

And please do share what your dream wedding ideas are!
Another delightful Spring post come this week! 



  1. Weddings are so beautiful! I'm happy for Kate and Will. I wish them happiness!
    I want a small wedding. Just family and a couple of close friends. By a body of water, with lots of flowers, smiles, and love! Oh my! I love weddings.

    I hope you guys have beautiful days!


  2. Hello darlings!!! The Royal Wedding was absolutely splendid and exciting!!! I was obsessed the whole day through- Kate was just stunning!
    My absolute favorite was the balcony kisses. I'm still swooning over the photos and details. Weddings are such joyous occasions- they make me giddy!
    Such wonderful photos you shared, Rachel...I especially love the last one with the twinkling lights and tents!
    Have a glorious day loves!


  3. Great post! I loved watching The Royal Wedding. Her dress was sooo beautiful!


  4. The Royal wedding was so beautiful and totally emotional. I hope that will and kate will be truly happy together:) Hugs and kisses, darling

    PS: I’m hosting a stunning Sima Gilady jewelry GIVEAWAY today!


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