Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer tastes heavenly

Erika had her first official day of Summer holiday last week on Wednesday. So, my mum and I (Rachel) went and picked her up and drove home with the windows down, listening to Vampire Weekend...perfect for Summer♥
We got home and were fairly giddy with Summer excitement and skipped around my beautiful green property and peaceful woods with the wind blowing our hair all about. 

We had three whole glorious days together and each one was relished. Late Wednesday evening we schemed the plan of preparing supper on Thursday. So, as the sun was setting orange on the horizon, we sat chatting happily and flipping through Barefoot Contessa and Martha Stewart cookbooks.
On Thursday my mum took us grocery shopping, which is a task Erika and I adore. There is something so pleasurable going from section to section picking the best produce and poultry.
The grand and exciting supper was quite a success on Thursday night-and very delicious, if if I do say so myself. With some help from my mum we prepared grilled asparagus with lemon butter, grilled chicken with white wine+fresh lemon juice+fresh parsley, and a heavenly salad with romaine lettuce+sliced pears+lemon and olive oil dressing+fresh Parmesan. We set the table with my great grandma's old blue and white transferware and lit candles among troves of shells from seaside holiday's past. That night at home was just my sister, mum and dad so we gathered round the table on the screened porch and enjoyed a lovely time. The birds sang beautifully and strains of The Rat Pack filled the air.
After doing up the dishes with Frank Sinatra serenading us from the living room, Erika, my sister, and I set off to the local outdoor ice cream shop that offers the most heavenly ice cream I've ever had and a strong sense of nostalgia. We had such a grand time talking and laughing and enjoying our ice cream-
I got Chocomania (a glorious chocolatey wonder as dark as cocoa beans), Mackinac Island Fudge, and Cake Batter (so delicious and sweet and creamy). And Erika got blackberry, Chocomania, and butter pecan.
Later that night we watched Marie Antoinette for the first ever time, and may I just say
it was utterly beautiful♥ 
The nights were spent up until 1 or 2 in the morning, or even later, enjoying the leisure of Summer and sitting on the breezy screened porch with the warm glow of the night lights and the stars shining beautifully.
Summer truly is wonderful! To Erika and I Summer is about as close as you can get to tasting heaven. The sunshine, the late nights, the days of freedom waiting for you, our grandma's beautiful lake to visit on spur-of-the-moment notions, random middle-of-the-week sleepovers, the ability to be able to enjoy the day outdoors until sundown, which, quite pleasantly isn't until 9:30, and how everything and all the times spent with everyone are somehow so much more happier and carefree♥
And, to quote F. Scott Fitzgerald, 
"I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the Summer."
And also, on Wednesday night, to perfectly welcome Summer's arrival we watched Pride&Prejudice. Oh, how perfect this movie is. The sunshine, the shining happiness, the scenery, the beautiful characters (the whole time while we were watching it Erika and I kept commenting on how much we love Keira Knightley in this role...and everyone else, for that matter!), the breathtaking score, and just the general splendor. 
Everything about it is perfect. 
Cheers to Summer, my darlings! How have your days been? Beautiful, I sincerely hope♥

{written by Rachel}


  1. Have you seen the old Pride and Prejudice? I LOVE it!

  2. You and Erika are so beautiful! I love all your photos!


  3. Happy Summer Erika & Rachel!!! :)
    Love Keira Knightly...she's great in all her films. I'm really eager to see her in LAST NIGHT, that looks like good.
    I haven't really made big plans for the summer this year. I guess I'll be at the beach most days and visiting the local bookstore on others.
    Did you get to see my Paris post? I hope you did!! :)
    Well darlings, until next time!
    Toodles for now,

  4. Yay summer! Have a good one :) Where I live we're in the heart of winter but it's so lovely.

  5. The weather looks amazing! There is nothing like an ice cream on a hot summers day! Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!


  6. Darlings, I hope you guys had a great week!!



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