Sunday, October 31, 2010

The apples hung above us like so many rose petals

A couple of weeks ago we took an afternoon trip to the apple orchard....
It was our first time ever going to one and we were not disappointed in any way! It was just as we had imagined.
There were rows and rows of apples-- everything so green and lush. We just wanted to grab our favourite book and sit and read between the tall rows.
The apples hung high above us in clusters of colour. You'd bend down with the warm sun drenching your back with warmth and drop the hard, smooth apple into the brown wicker baskets.
Apple picking was such a pleasure! The apples were so easy to pluck from the branches so you filled your basket rather swiftly.
The orchard was split into sections of the different types of apples they grew--we picked gold and red delicious and they looked absolutely scrumptious! 
It was the three of us (Erika, Rachel, and Emma) wandering along a couple of paths taking photos and picking apples--how lovely it all was!
The sunshine was so bright and warm that day, which was brilliant because we were able to occasionally get a sun flare in some photos.
Our baskets filled quite quickly and soon we were heading back towards the barn to pay for them...
Taking some pictures along the way of course...
We feel as if you shouldn't even go to the store anymore to buy apples (which sometimes may not even be yummy!) but instead go to an apple orchard--it's so much more pleasurable, and the apple's are absolutely to die for with their sweet taste and crunch.
It was such a wonderful afternoon! We hope to go back to an apple orchard possibly again this Autumn and if not, we look forward to another lovely trip next year! 
Have a wonderful day, darling's! We do hope you enjoyed this little post. Cheers to Autumn! 


P.S.-Rachel will have photos from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (!!!!) up as soon as possible. :)


  1. I remember apple picking as a child and it always was so fun! I am on the apple-roll right now and I could eat everything with apples...hahha
    Totally adorable photos,darlings
    Happy Monday

  2. I haven't been apple picking in ages! Looks like you guys had a great time!

  3. beautiful automnal post full of sun and joy! love it :))


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