Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The evening sunshine gleamed across the golden fields

Oh, beautiful autumn how lovely you are!  I wish there were a much better word to describe you, but alas there is none.  To say that you are beautiful must suffice.
Fall comes and goes like the blink of an eye.  If you happen to fall asleep one night and wake up the next morning and find it gone, don't be alarmed because it's very easy to miss it's beauty.  Luckily Rachel and  I have been enjoying fall this year and have seen as leaves change into gorgeous shades of red, orange, and yellow.    
As we talk about autumn let us acknowledge the beautiful golden fields that change along with the leaves.  I dare say know one could paint such a masterpiece as God paints every year when fall comes round.  Walking through the golden fields is thrilling and taking pictures makes it just that much better.
How I shall miss theses golden days of the year, the smell of pine cones and pumpkins, the beautiful breeze, the magic of it all, but as it has not completely fallen away yet, we shall soak up these last few weeks and enjoy them to their fullest. 
Winter is an etching,
Spring a watercolour,
Summer an oil painting, and
Autumn a mosaic of them all.
-Stanley Horowitz-
I hope you wonderful readers have been enjoying yourselves too.  If you have been too busy to step outside this wonderful season, please take a break and just for a few minutes go out an get some wonderful, fresh fall air!
I adore fall evenings!  The sun gleaming about my yard looks like bliss.  I wish I could catch the light up in a little jar and keep it with me, but seeing as that's out of the question I will just have to enjoy it while it's here. 
Farewell to you all!  Hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. OMG...The light in those photos is so dreamy:) I love love love those photos
    Wish you both an amazing week,darlings

    Ps: I am hosting a ban.do headband GIVEAWAY today! Please, join in!

    (I know you both will totally love it)

  2. How beautiful! I think you both live in a beautiful place, and thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts.

  3. it's so fun to come here and see what you girls are up to! and i love that poem, autumn really is a mosaic of all the seasons! xox.

  4. Lovely shots as always - you've captured the afternoon sun beautifully.

  5. Lovely! Simply beautiful. Your photos make me smile. I love your posts. :)
    Have a good week, dear.


  6. glorious, glorious.xxx


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