Saturday, October 23, 2010

Autumnal things!

Hello, darlings. This is just a quick post...Erika has one coming next week and we also have TWO photo shoot posts prepared to post soon next week as well. However, I found that we needed a new post so here I am. 
This month has flown by oh so fast it's hard to comprehend. This whole year for that matter! And I was happy to find that it wasn't just me feeling that way. I mentioned it to my older brother the other night and he said that  he still feels like it could be July. 
The leaves are changing and so many have fallen, the fields turned golden and are now harvested, and just around the corner is Halloween! I forgot just how much I adored Autumn. It's so magical. I love all of the seasons, each in their own way, and always look forward to their coming. 
The air has become colder and I've been having to layer more, which I love. In some of the pictures the leaves may not look changed, but now so many have fallen and everything is golden. It's so true that Autumn comes with a blink of the eye! It was only about two weeks ago where everything was green. 
Last Saturday Erika and I went thrifting for the first time at Salvation Army! It was so much fun and we each found a few things. But, you know, it's funny because whenever one of us finds something we both really like (while thrifting that is) we end up paying half and half and share it! We already have a cute sweater and hat that we got over the Summer (Oh, are bliss and I miss you!) and share. So, now we've added to that collection a cream sweater (we think it looks as if one of the Weasley's would wear it) with brown, orange, and yellow (all pretty shades, mind!) designs across it. My mum said it looks like a skiing sweater. AND, the best for last: we found the most epic faded cranberry red velvet ankle boots that lace up. So adorable and just what we were looking for. So, yes, I get them for next week since I'm going to the theme park. :) 
Speaking of the theme park, I AM GOING TO BE THERE IN FOUR DAYS! I am so excited. I can't even handle that it's already here! We're flying on Monday and it's my first time flying so I am so excited. I can't wait to share with you all of the fantastic photos and stories!
Oh, and before I end this I have to tell you all something! Erika and I are going to be trick-or-treating on Halloween night and we are so excited. And, we must share something: we have never been trick-or-treating before! I think maybe possibly when we were like 5 or 7 or something but not since then. And yes, I am fourteen and she is sixteen, which you may call getting a bit old for trick-or-treating, but not for us! But, what I wanted to tell you was what we're going to dress up as for Halloween and here it is: we got some white sheets from Salvation Army and are going to cut holes in them where our eyes are and are going to be ghosts! And, what's epic is we also bought the classic plastic $1 pumpkins with faces from Wal-Mart for our candy. We're so excited for the pictures! 
 And, what draws this post to a close is just this: my excitement for the theme park! Because, as you can all probably guess that's what's occupying my mind this weekend since we're leaving on Monday! I've made a list of all the things I need to pack and have already picked out my outfit for the flight. :) I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will talk to you when I get back from my trip Wednesday! I can't wait to share photos. :) It's going to be so epicly fun! AH! I can't believe I'm actually going, it's amazing.



  1. Gorgeous gorgeous photos - I love the ones of you in the field. This year has indeed flown by, I can't really believe it's almost at the end!

  2. Love that paper airplane photo! Have so much fun trick or treating! :)

  3. Ohh you girls always bring out a smile on my face! I am so happy for your trip..yay! Also those photos are so,sweet. You girls have such a lovely way of shooting photos and writing:)
    Have a wonderful Sunday
    Hugs and kisses


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